Should residents who live near a concert venue understand that there will be noise, or do they have a right to quiet?

Posted 4 years.


  • matt - 4 years ago

    why not just stop having EDM shows? Isn't the oakdale a music hall? EDM isn't music...its shitty computer made nonsense that any 11 year old can make. 75% of the people are high as hell there because its the only way to enjoy such crap music......but white people gotta dance.

  • David - 4 years ago

    This reminds me of people taking up residence in Old Lyme near the National Guard Stones Ranch training area which has been there for decades. These people recently (within a few years) decided to complain about our National Guard conducting training utilizing Blank Rounds (a lower powder charge with no projectile and not as loud as a live round). They complained because they were training into the night. When you move next to these facilities that were there prior to your taking up residence, you need to live with the situation. Remember, you chose to move next to the venue, the Venue didn't move next to you.

  • JohnG - 4 years ago

    How is this different than living under an approach to an airport? Or living next to train tracks, especially freight tracks which run 24/7? Or living next to an interstate?

    I can understand the frustration of the homeowners but wonder why you bought the house knowing the concert center was next door? And, if you didn't know, you should have. It's called due diligence.

  • Lynn - 4 years ago

    There is not a show everyday so why complain. If there was a school nearby it would be a lot more noise and more often than Oakdale shows.

  • Kevin - 4 years ago

    I can understand where the neighbors are coming from (to a degree) Electronic music takes advantage of every advance in acoustic engineering made in the last 50 years, the bass is incredible. The problem is that it's not like being outside a Stones concert where you can still enjoy it, the stuff isn't enjoyable at all unless you're in the room with it. Also, like the way our parents didn't like Rock and Roll, this stuff is new and sounds as obnoxious as Rap music to a hippie. Bass is the most expensive form of acoustic energy to soundproof against, cement has a hard time blocking it. Been to the theater when Star Wars was playing next door? They use cinder blocks, sometimes 2 walls and the bass still gets through. A good electronic music venue would have to be 40 feet underground. Hopefully it's a passing fad. Just remember, whatever comes next could be worse :)

  • John - 4 years ago

    I have been too a lot of concerts that were cut short because of the fact that they cannot play past 11 pm. People pay good money for the shows. I mean, why would you buy or rent a place near a concert venue? If you are already there and then they build the facility, I totally understand the complaints. Otherwise, it was your mistake for moving there in the first place.

  • John - 4 years ago

    Bottom line. If you live within 2 miles of a concert venue, expect noise. Or move.

  • VigorReign - 4 years ago

    Let me explain something to all of you. They are NOT trying to shut the Oakdale down. What has been happening there the past 4 years is new owners have taken over, and the decibels on the low frenquencies have been turned TREMENDOUSLY UP on ALL CONCERTS to the point where residences walls shake, little kids are scared and cry because of the bass, and it does not stop even on weeknites until 2-3 AM. IT WAS NOT LIKE THIS YEARS AGO.

    The keyboard warriors, who are belting out the typical "Who buys a house next to a theatre and complain" , I'm sorry but this is a foolish statement without understanding what is going on here and experiencing the effects FIRST HAND of missing work due to no sleep, kids missing school because they could not sleep, and having walls shake after 12 AM.

    PS - I am a musician as well in EDM and game soundtrack composition... I know about this crap and know exactly what can be done to remedy it.

    Recent decibel readings from sound men hired by the town of Wallingford have shown that they are blowing the "Legal Noise Limit" out of the water. This is not a complain just to complain affair. They are legitimately BREAKING THE LAW. What has caused it to get this far as this C&D, is the Police have been warning them since it has gotten bad and they just refuse to do anything about it. Not even offer to soundproof, THEY ARE TAKING NO INTEREST to remedy the problem. They know they are breaking the law, and the excuse they have given the Police is "We are sanctioned from Noise Ordinance"

    All's residences are asking for is to TURN IT DOWN to how it was years ago. They won't and take no interest. People jump the gun before realizing WTF is going on.

  • 1st hand experience - 4 years ago

    I used to rent one of the condos that is next to the Oakdale property. It was beyond the parking lot and down the hill, so I wasn't right next to the building. Anytime a show was held there, the bass was exceptionally loud. I knew that noise was going to be a part of the living situation, but the Oakdale was constantly running concerts until upwards of 1:00am. That is the issue and why people are complaining. They need to muffle the bass better and not run concerts so late.

  • Patricia - 4 years ago

    if the concert sure its going to be a little loud but that's the way it is put some earplugs on she don't like it they're not doing anything wrong

  • Dave - 4 years ago

    I live in lordship next to the airport . I cannot tell them to be quiet ! The oakdale has been there for many years . I went there with my family when I was younger. Deal with it !

  • Paul - 4 years ago

    They should all try to work together. However the Oakdale had been around for what, 30+years, and it used to be an open air venue. That's said Live Nation needs to be considerate of there neighbors.

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