Do you think Mayweather Jr. is the most skilled boxer of all time?

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  • julio - 5 years ago

    Mayweather might be the most skilled defensive boxer in history and one of the fastest, but he lacks offensive power and agressive attitud. In my opinion, Many Pacquiao would be the best offensive boxer in history. That is the reason a fight between these two boxers would be very interesting and the new generations of boxers would see what would give best results, between being a defensive fighter vs being a pure agresive boxing style. You can look at both fighters vs cotto. Pacquiao demolished him and mayweather struggled with him. Also vs marquez, pacquiao reall hurt him even though he lost at the end. With marquez a defensive boxing was more effective.

  • mo - 5 years ago

    Floyd is not scared to fight Manny, he has fought the best....Manny is the protected boxer...look at his last 2 cherry picked fighters,lost two fights b4 his last 2 victory, when Manny was at the top along with floyd he kept floyd hanging and made all sorts of excuses. ...and now Manny is on the outer he suddenly agrees to everything. ..cmon guys...good on floyd make Manny wait and play games with the deutch bag....go floyd

  • rolo - 5 years ago

    He's not the most skilled, he's the most scared boxer ever!

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