Do you think Justin's punishment was too harsh?


  • Sole' - 9 years ago

    He should've called the police so he could make sure they wouldn't come back. But i still love you Justin!!!

  • lula - 9 years ago

    Luv u Justin bieber babe

  • lula - 9 years ago

    I think he went super sweet I mean I guess he could of called the police and put those girls in jail but he was nice and didn't do nothing really I mean those 2 girls can now say that Justin bieber had their phones in his hands

    Luv u Justin bieber

    Stay sweet and sexy

  • Amonni - 9 years ago

    He could have called the police or press charges or something like that but he was genuine and calm about but only took there phones I mean I would be okay with especially it being my celeb crush so yeah Love you Justin!

  • janice - 9 years ago

    no because he could have called the police but he did not that was nice of him

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