What's your drink in this cold weather?

  • Jerry - 7 years ago

    Coffee is a good warm up beverage and Brandy makes a good second choice.

  • Carol F - 7 years ago

    IF I had time for a drink it would be hot chocolate with candy cane pieces and plenty of whipped cream on top. IF I was out shoveling snow, or building snowmen, or the like. But since we haven't seen a flake of snow yet this year (and I'm still harboring hope) and I haven't had time, I've been confined to water.

  • marika - 7 years ago

    All of the above (although nog zo much the unbrella drinks...), but in case of flu or cold, the hot toddy rises tot the top :-)

  • Mike - 7 years ago

    Despite my strong coffee-flavoured blog, I can't go past a hot chocolate!

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