Was it correct for Eugene de Kock to have been granted parole?

Posted 4 years.

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  • THABO RANGAKA - 4 years ago

    Communities have to embrace compassion and generosity of spirit once the processes of law, order, moral considerations have been followed and satisfied. Unforgiveness, especially when it is shared almost as a religion by a community, ties up the psyche of the community in vindictiveness, hatred and malice.
    I know that the community is not Allah Yahweh God, but He admonishes us to forgive and to be of a generous spirit. St Paul in the Bible as Saul, and Moses whilst he was a Liberation Struggle Activist in Egypt, committed crimes but were forgiven and their energies and creativity harnessed for the good of Communities by their Creator.
    The alternative choices are for individuals in a community, depending on the measure of cruelty, vindictiveness and harshness they harbour. However, Communities such as the Nation of South Africa, cannot take such a choice and thus I applaud the ANC Government for having chosen the road less travelled of higher moral ground.

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