In light of the measles outbreak, should vaccinations for children be required, or should parents be allowed to opt out? (Poll Closed)

  • Parents should be allowed to opt out of vaccinations for children
    69 votes

  • Vaccinations should be required for children
    81 votes


Posted 5 years.


  • Edith - 5 years ago

    1905 the Supreme Court found that states do have the police authority to mandate vaccinations because you can't allow the wants of a few to endanger the many.

  • Michael Jirka - 5 years ago

    People should choose the least damaging of choices. Research the (what could also happen) if my child gets the measles and (what could happen ) if my child doesn't get vaccinated. I think you will find measles is the greater danger.... not the attenuated virus shot.
    The anti-vaxers point to a child that got ill 3 days after the shot. OK, and I have a grandpa that just came out of the Dr's office with a clean bill of health and didn't make it to the elevator. Should we ban all Doctors? Isolated incidents are painful to the parent but (there is no easy way to say this) statistically insignificant.
    My mom took me over to play with Jimmy Christensen who had measles so the whole neighborhood would be done with it ... that was all she had in those days. You have other options.
    Having your child bring home measles when you have a newborn is fraught with danger.

  • Jim Smith - 5 years ago

    Well said Annette.

  • Annette Pettit - 5 years ago

    My refusal puts others at risk. My rights end where others' begin. My refusal to vaccinate my children putting them at a risk of carrying the disease to others, especially those too young or sick to be innoculated, could put someone's right to life & liberty at risk.

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