Should all Teochews be called "Teoswa-nang" 潮汕人 as currently in mainland China, instead of "Teochew-nang" 潮州人? (Poll Closed)

  • "Teochew", no compromise. This is the name our forefathers have always used.

  • "Teoswa", we should keep up with the time and changes.

  • Let's call overseas Teochews "Teochew" and Teochews in China "Teoswa".

  • This is too confusing. We are Chinese.

  • None of the rest. I am an American/ Thai/ Malaysian/ Singaporean etc (as appropriate)

Posted 4 years.


  • Cheng Peng Sia - 4 years ago

    I call myself Teochew Nang all these while ever since my parents told us.

  • Laurence koh - 4 years ago

    China had a reshuffle to group the counties into one region call TeoSwa by the communist government. Their government trying hard to influence the Teochew people to use their national language. In Singapore Teochew is traditional use here for people of the various counties. So I vote for using Teochew nang.

  • 吴楚萍 - 4 years ago


  • Steven Chan - 4 years ago

    Singapore Teochew Nang

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