Should rappers hang it up once they get older?


  • Cappadonna - 9 years ago

    Somebody put the pacifier back in Young Thug's mouth, grown folks are talking. Call me old - but the ONLY hip-hop artists I listen to now other than Kendrick Lamar are over 30. I went to The Watch the Throne concert with my boys - all of us over 30. My boy even brought his kid 17 with him. Hip-Hop is getting to point where the original fans aren't snot nosed kids but grown men and women with jobs, kids and mortgages. Should we Dirty and Over 30 cats just listen to Sinatra and Earth Wind and Fire while playing shuffle board with pop-pop and dem? Negro please

    When do I have kids I would love to talk to my son (or daughter) about why the Wu-Tang Clan was great and how rap developed from Kurtis Blow to Rakim Allah to Jay-Z to even this boy who's not even old enough to rent a car. I would love to share of hip-hop the way mom shared her love of soul and my dad shared his love of blues with me and my sister.

    So, to Young Thug - respect your elders youngin' and "Go Make Daddy A Sandwich!!"

  • Black Gaytheist Pilot - 9 years ago

    No other art form or genre of music tells people that they are done after a certain age. There's a difference between trying to do the same sh!t that you did 20 years ago, and changing with the times. Janet Jackson, Madonna, Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, all of these performers are "past their prime" but still sell out on tour. Wait a minute, why the hell am I legitimizing this dumb nigg@'s comments? Don't worry Soulja Boi I mean Young Thug, you will NOT be rappin' in your 30s, sorry ass mush mouth nigg@....

  • recogniZE_TAste - 9 years ago

    I think it depends on the person. Good music is good music no matter how old they are. However there is a thin line between trying too hard to keep your youth and needing to just stop

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