SPEAK UP: Is $7.5 million a fair settlement for Dewey Bozella? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Are you more likely to shop at an environmentally friendly store? 47 YES, 71

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  • Another Dutchess resident - 5 years ago

    He deserves a settlement if he was wrongly imprisoned. However, the bigger question is never to be answered. That is, if the evidence was not long ago disposed of, and another trial held (as it certainly would have been with that evidence), would he still have been convicted regardless of the information that came to light?

  • R.Fernandez - 5 years ago

    How about a, "Where Are They Now?" news article showing where,
    and if, any defendants have gone on to become elected officials,
    with salaries and benefits paid for by taxpayers?

  • Dutchess - 5 years ago

    He should have recieved far more

  • Dutchess Citizen - 5 years ago

    How about 7.5 mil per year? How about holding the persons responsible, responsible financially as well? How about investigating every case they handled? You can guarantee that if they were shady in this case 2X they were in others as well...THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!

  • tee - 5 years ago

    He should get 1 million per year lost

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