Senator Barack Obama said Saturday night that the time in which human rights should apply are "above my pay grade." When do you think human rights apply?

  • Deborah - 13 years ago

    My daughter and her husband have gone through IVF in order to become pregnant, and our understanding of conception and fetal development have changed greatly as they have gone through this process. It is very exciting and enlightening to see for yourself the steps that must happen in order for a woman to become pregnant. It truly is a miracle that even one baby is born each year.

    My daughter became very attached to the embryos that were created during the process. They were able to harvest 15 eggs, 15 were successfully fertilized, two were implanted. None of the remaining 13 embryos survived to the point that they were able to be frozen. Only one of the implanted embryos survived. She has just reached the 17th week and is feeling the baby move.

    My point is, when you understand the process of conception and fetal development, it is not difficult to apply human rights at completion of conception. The embryos are little humans, and never are "just a glob of cells" as pro-abortion advocates claim.

    Plus, the fact that Obama wants to allow for late term abortions & partial birth abortions shows that the man doesn't understand this process and hasn't educated himself about conception and fetal development, or he is very callus and cold, or he is willing to sacrifice the unborn in order to gain political points with certain groups that will contribute to his campaigns. Either way, he proves to me that he is untrustworthy.

  • Doug - 13 years ago

    I think each stage deserves its own rights and full 'human rights' should be reserved for a successful birth.
    After all, e.g. the human right of free speech is not going to be relevant pre-birth; embryos from point of conception need their own 'bill of rights' tailored specifically for the conditions that need protection.
    In contrast, a new born baby may not appreciate its right to freedom of speech but it can sure exercise it !
    And I agree with Robert, although he made light of it, granting of some rights goes with maturity, and should be earned.

  • Robert McDowell - 13 years ago

    I prefer "at completion of conception", but if you're going to say you can do it "At attainment of cognitive 'personhood' capacities", could we arbitarily set that age to be AFTER the teenage years;}

  • cluelessss - 13 years ago

    I think human rights should begin when the pregnancy is realized. Not that all woman shouldn't think about the possibility of being pregnant, but if one doesn't know, one can't be expected to protect their unborn child. However, if a person continues with behaviors that may cause damage to the child after one knows that she is pregnant, I believe she should be accountable for the hurt/damage that she causes (knowingly) to that child. Let's face it... there is a period of time when the mother probably doesn't know she is a mother -- and for some that may be longer than for others.

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