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  • Vernon Denis Aventurin - 5 years ago

    We have an attitude to complain and don't do anything. Then when someone do something we are the first to complain and find fault, but we don't come with a solution and have no idea where we want to go. The Dutchman have a saying " De beste stuurlui staat altijd aan wal" with this saying many of us get in to politics because we want to make a change for the country but whine up make changes for friends and family and forget the people who put them in there. Also the people who Elect the politician only elect them for what they can get from them meaning "they sell their soul ( they sell their votes) like Judas Iscariot. Then when we don't get what we was promise we suddenly start to cry fowl play and want to pull down government. If we really want to put St. Maarten back on track we must stop being beggars, stop selling our votes and start to vote for the future of our children. Start to teach our children responsibility self respect and the true LOVE for the COUNTRY ST. MAARTEN. Then and only then would our people stand up for what the COUNTRY ST. MAARTEN stands for. A country of peace and love ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION under GOD.

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