Should Brian Williams Be Fired?


  • Cappadonna - 8 years ago

    This dude needs to be fired, or at least sent on one long ass vacation. One, he's a reporter - his job is solely based upon his trustworthiness. How can you trust the news from a news caster who spent 12 years telling a crazy "Black Hawk Down" lie? Second, its the fact that told such a ridiculous bold face lie for no logical reason. Dude, just saying "I jumping on a helicopter to report from a war zone" showed Williams had some level stones. And his chopper was shot at by small rounds (not a shoulder mounted missile) He didn't need to embellish by claiming you were in some D-Day type craziness.

    But sadly, that cat's not going anywhere with NBC paying out some major bank. Just as the Comcast suits had to open up that checkbook to boot David Gregory off "Meet the Press" because of his contract - Williams can walk away with 10 million + since he probably has an arbitration clause in his deal.

  • Dazzmond Hill - 8 years ago

    Fire him, but keep these jokes coming. Last I heard, Brian Williams was IN the room when Black Dynamite threw that shit before he walked in the room.

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