Should Claudia Jordan Have Attended Porsha Williams’ Dish Nation Party On RHOA? [POLL]


  • nita - 8 years ago

    Claudia is ratchet and she thinks that she can tell people off...believe me she has not ran up to the right tell her what she needs to be told. Porsha may not know certain things; but obviously she can get a man who treats her well. Claudia and her friend Kenya are jealous, both need to "take a seat"! I think Rickey Smiley needs to get rid of her. Claudia needs to focus on herself; dressing better, behaving like a lady, and find herself a man. You, Claudia are not the one who should be poking fun at anyone...."get your life!"

  • VERA CHEEKS - 8 years ago

    Yes she should have, it was sponsored by Rickey Smiley whom she works for...No she should not have confronted her there, but for the drama, she did get where she is coming from..They have been coming for her for no reason...She is trying to be down with the group..but you know them damn mean girls...NeNe is the leader of the pack..It's all silly...I like Claudia, she is just trying to get along and there throwing nothing but shade and hot tea at her...

  • Ms Kathy - 8 years ago

    If Claudia had a man then she wouldn't have to keep up with Porsha. Really Claudia out of the 100 men you have dealt with and you couldn't keep just one...are you mad because Porsha
    doesn't want you? That's what it looks like.

  • cw - 8 years ago

    Even if she came she should have not confronted her. She was wrong for that. She just does not like Pasha.

  • KK - 8 years ago

    trash talking

  • KK - 8 years ago

    Claudia seems obsessed with Porsha. Porsha doesn’t want to be her friend, so she came for Porsha. So what if Porsha laughed at something said in Puerto Rico. If the work environment seems hostile, it's because Claudia made it hostile. Constantly trashing talking Porsha because Porsha wants nothing to do with her, shows immaturity on Claudia's part.

  • Carla - 8 years ago

    It was a Rickey Smiley event! It was okay for her to attend... Personally I wouldn't have but it was okay for her to go.. Porsha a THOT!! Claudia was right for calling her ass out! I personally wonder what Porsha contributes to the show with her dumb ass.. Lessons on THOT Like Behavior for these young girls?? Chile Bye!

  • LADY K - 8 years ago

    Messy Claudia should NOT have gone. Claudia has ISSUES that stem back to her childhood it seems

  • charneise - 8 years ago

    I think Claudia is VERY messy! If you are supporting Porsha why go there and bring up the trip. Claudia could have called her or sat down at dinner to discuss the situation. But messy boots had to go there. Also why worry about who Porsha is messing with and what he brought her. It seems to me Claudia is JEALOUS!! Just like Porsha said they see each other on passing at work so if I see someone is not trying to deal.with me I'm not going to be press to speak.

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