Which Tagline Works for You?


  • Susie Carranza - 9 years ago

    "Clarity starts here" - draws me in and makes me want to read what's here.

  • NM Creatrix - 9 years ago

    I like the clarity. I tend to be wordy, so clarity is always on my event horizon!n Opps there I go again, gettng wordy.

  • Ami - 9 years ago

    Be understood--it's bold and crisp. Clarity is a vital part of being understood and can still be logically folded into your mission. Corporate wants to be understood but doesn't necessarily want to be "clear." You can help them see you need both.

  • Marilyn - 9 years ago

    If I'm clear with my writing, I will be understood...Clarity starts here

  • Kristin Freeman - 9 years ago

    Clarity...so important and a great word of focus for your website. Clarity is, truly, the first step requirement for understanding to occur.

  • Pam - 9 years ago

    Clarity starts here because the other has an emotional overtone. I do not think that is the message you are hoping to convey. Good luck!

  • Beth Kozan - 9 years ago

    I'm working on a new website, too!

  • Katie - 9 years ago

    I think they're both right on but that's not what you asked. Obviously, you do too, or you wouldn't have asked. (There, that's an unneeded sentence.) Doesn't Clarity imply making yourself understood? And helping listeners be able to understand? We all know experts who wallow in jargon. I think it's a misguided, probably unconscious effort to appear superior.

    Good luck.

  • peggy breidenbach - 9 years ago

    Both are good. I prefer Be Understood, because in your posts you offer more than simply clarity... by exploring emotional, philosophical and artistic terrain. Clarity Starts Here sounds a bit corporate to me.

  • carol - 9 years ago

    I like Clarity starts here because when I hear Be Understood I think of a theraputic model and that does not feel as comfortable in the corporate setting.

  • Marilyn - 9 years ago

    I like Be Understood for the concept but think it is a passive voice. I would make it Create Understanding if my market base is writers. Same with Clarity actually but at least the "starts" word indicates some movement/action even if not directly attached to the writer. Be, to me, somehow focuses on me and not my audience. Others may not see it that way.

  • Sue Cottle - 9 years ago

    I like 'Clarity starts here'. I think that can include the 'be understood' message. You really need to have clarity before you can be understood - and corporates are often the kings of waffle!

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