Who Else Will be Included in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015?

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Poll posted 5 years ago.

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  • Stephen Gill - 5 years ago

    The rumoured names are all decent and worthy choices imo.
    I think Kevin Nash is worthy as a former World champion in the big 2 and being a headliner on and off aswell as being the co innovator of one the most successful stables in pro wrestling history in the NWO.

    Ray Stevens is more than worthy, an old school legend that went up against the top guys of his era and gave them a run for their money. He had success all through his territory travels and headlined cards back in the territory days as a fine heel.

    Larry Zbyszko falls into the Ray Stevens category in that he was a legend in the territory days, most famous for his AWA championship run and his main eventing feuds with Bruno Sammartino for the WWE championship. Another fine heel that tasted success all over in a lengthy career.

    Victoria is worthy imo, when you reflect on her entire career she had one of the finest female wrestler careers in recent memory.
    She was in WWE for 9 years where she became a 2x Women's champion and was second only to Trish and Lita in being the queen of the golden era division. Victoria competed in every match type there was for women whether it be wrestling, hardcore, street fights, cage matches etc she did it all and mostly always came out on top until her last few years in WWE where she was used to put others over and to make the new girls look good.
    Victoria then moved over to TNA and again became a multiple times Knockout's champion and again faced all the competition there and mostly came out on top.
    Victoria has feuded and defeated the likes of Trish, Lita, Molly, Jazz, Jackie, Kong, Mickie, TBP, ODB, Ivory, Gail Kim all the top names of women's wrestling over the past decade plus and she has beaten them all.
    Not forgetting she also was one of the best female wrestlers to come out of the US in a long time.

    I think only Ivan Koloff should be inducted mostly for ending the longest reign of any WWE champion in history when he defeated Bruno Sammartino. Koloff was a innovator of the evil foreign heel gimmick that has ran for countless decades. He drew major heat and again had success all over the territories.

    Magnum TA should be inducted, he was massively popular back in the day and one of the more memorable guys to bring prestige to the US championship. Very deserving.

    I still have a feeling that this may be the year for Demolition. I keep noting they are being mentioned often lately in the Ascension promo's.

    Apart from Randy Savage, thus far I have found the announcements underwhelming as I just find the majority of celebrity inductions not worthy anyway and no disrespect to Arnie but he does not deserve it.
    Rikishi is a fringe candidate that is really at the lower end of the quality of HOF inductee's thus far.
    Here is hoping the next few announcements are more worthy.

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