Should deer on the Illawarra escarpment be culled?

Posted 4 years.


  • Kevin Rodwell - 4 years ago

    The fact that the likes of Shoebridge and the parasitic Greens are involved in this does not bode well as the Greens have a track record of misinformation and anti everything.

    Allowing rec hunters in to shoot these deer and letting them take the meat for consumption is a way better option and cheaper as most will do it for nothing where as the likes of Shoebridge and co will not allow the meat to be utilised and it will probably be have to be left to rot which is a great waste of meat and it will cost the taxpayer a motza.

    I don't hunt deer much but don't begrudge anybody who does and they do need to be controlled but not a wholesale slaughter as this "protector" of the environment wants done.

    The Greens are nothing more than on the outside but definitely red on the inside.

  • peter higgins - 4 years ago

    property owners who have such problems should allow recreational hunters an allotted time to enter their property and cull the deer at no cost to anyone , infact most recreational hunters would gladly offer to help out farmers for free on their farm for the return favour of some prime hunting on private property, it is time that rural property owners trusted the deer hunting associations ,who have always been keen to help ,to control the deer populations and retain deer hunting as a legitimate recreation that has been proven to generate millions of dollars across the country and put that money into rural regions

  • Jay Dubb - 4 years ago

    There doesn't seem to be any science behind the idea that deer are eating Keith Tognetti's trees and if he were really concerned about them he could have engaged the services of one of the deer hunting clubs that have suitably accredited hunters ready to help. Mind you he is dressed like a twit he may have no common sense at all.

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