Did RCMP do anything wrong by seizing guns during the High River flooding?

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Posted 4 years.


  • Darryl - 4 years ago

    Most of these Firearms were taken AFTER danger to life was deemed not a threat... The military were released from duty. WHY did they not just put Military on the doorsteps of these homes if it was that much of an issue.

  • P. - 4 years ago

    The day the "queen's cowboy's" became nothing more than a criminal organization.

  • Leroy Tibble - 4 years ago

    Next time, people will be FAR LESS likely to leave in an emergency.
    Unless my house is actually on fire, I'm not going anywhere.

    THAT is the real legacy here.

  • Shaun - 4 years ago

    Ok, Time to move on people. They had their reasons for doing what they did. they followed orders. It was chaos during the flood. If you feel you were violated, get over it. All you want is more money... Shame on you!!!

  • Rob - 4 years ago

    If what I read is true then, many of the homes that were broken into were left more open to the the criminal element after the RCMP left than before the RCMP kicked in locked doors. THAT doesn't seem Right or Just.

  • Marcia - 4 years ago

    Really people? If criminals had got their hands on your guns ,you would have blamed the RCMP for that too. Walk a mile in their shoes & then tell us how you feel! Very proud to support our RCMP!

  • Vic Tomms - 4 years ago

    There was no need for it at all. To destroy people's private property is just sickening. Most (if not all) communities forge together in times of disaster not loot and vandalize. Exerting power like that makes a police state and martial law

  • Classified - 4 years ago

    I am absolutely disgusted and embarrassed to call the RCMP my nation's police force. Scandal after scandal. First Nations' abuses, overstepping bounds, abuse of power, coverups, etc.

    It's getting harder and harder by the MINUTE. Individuals being silenced for speaking out? That's SOVIET DOGMA. Canada is NOT the Soviet Union and the RCMP are not supposed to behave like the frickin' KGB!

    I know there are good officers out there who go above and beyond, just to make sure we make it home safe. It's not fair to lump them in with the rest. No, it's not fair to them. As for the rest? I can't escape the feeling that we are going to have Nuremberg style "mass trials" or something along those lines when this finally does get to court and members who WERE involved in all these crimes and scandals are finally arrested. Why? Just because there will be SO MANY OFFICERS ON TRIAL!

    Make no mistake, I have never felt so violated in all my life. We should be able to trust those sworn to protect our communities but instead? This is our treatment. Firearms license holders get worse treatment than registered sex offenders and convicted murderers. Continuous eligibility checks ALL THE TIME, constant harassment, constant badgering, baiting, etc. all goes on. They do this hoping we will screw up and then they pounce.

    If one of you bureaucrats should so happen to read this? Before I tear you a new rear end? I have to ask. Why galvanize the Canadian people against you? Why stir up trouble and hatred? Why in your very limited wisdom would you choose to make people, such as myself into your enemies when there's no cause for doing so? Why target us relentlessly while drug dealers, murderers, rapists, gang bangers, etc. all roam free? Or at least they certainly seem to!

    Why? Why turn your backs on the communities you yourselves are apart of? Why betray the trust of an entire nation? Why do you not instead target those who are a genuine threat to our communities? Why do you instead fail your fellow Canadians at every single opportunity? Why do you stab law abiding hard working Canadians in the back at every opportunity? What do you wish to achieve by backing law abiding citizens into a corner?

    Why must you insist on this path which is going to further divide our country and push us over the edge?

    If you were TRULY concerned about the "safety of the public" you would cease and desist and do a complete 180. It does NOT make any sense whatsoever expecting communities to cooperate with you and give you what you want/need while you constantly stab us in the back. It certainly does NOT help anyone out. Nobody is ultimately going to benefit from any of these constant problems.

    Honestly it makes me weep in disgust. I expect much better from the likes of Bob Paulson who I REFUSE to acknowledge as the Commissioner of the RCMP due to his terrible neglect and incompetence. Face facts already. The man is does NOT have the slightest clue what he's doing. I expect much better than this policy of flat out contempt and hatred for the law abiding while criminals get off with a slap on the wrist.

    Honestly? Getting the RCMP to change? It is literally beating a dead horse with a stick. It's COMPLETELY POINTLESS. We have seen many a year pass and no progress has been made at all on these issues. Absolutely ZIP.

    It's time to close down the RCMP. They have to go and it hurts to say it because they are a huge part of our heritage and our history. However they have not withstood the test of time. They have been an utter and total catastrophic failure. It was only a question of when, not IF but when they would finally crumble.


  • ed - 4 years ago

    So the police should rape all virgins before rapists do ?

  • keith - 4 years ago

    Accountability apparently means different things for the RCMP than it does for the public. If I had performed these same acts there would be criminal charges, not simply findings and recommendations for review... If it's credibility they want, treat their mistakes with the same rigor and legislation with which they would treat any one else.These injustices were premeditated and took three days and numerous visits to some of the residences to commit. In addition they must have utilized long guys. Registry records which our government had informed us were already destroyed to identify which residences contained firearms. Can't trust the government either!


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