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50 Cult Classic Nightmares! Vote For Five Favourites!

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  • A Bassett - 5 years ago

    So many great horror flicks I need 20 choices not 5. Yet most of my all time top 20 have not made this list. Oh and The Human Centipede II is one of the most disturbing films I've seen....I loved it. The one on this list which has given me my only true spine shiver was the very visceral Martyrs and my number 1 cult classic will always be The Evil Dead period saw it for the first time at 9yrs old and it is the film that gave birth to my perverse love of the genre.

  • Stephen Fay - 5 years ago

    always loved horror, so many of my faves missing - profondo Rosso, dressed to kill, communion - guess hard to stop at 50! Augh, Carrie!

  • Al Moore - 5 years ago

    Grave Encounters (2011)

  • Victoria Butler - 5 years ago

    The Shining still scares me!

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