Should biometric security protection be mandatory for systems that contain patient information? (Poll Closed)
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  • Clark Averill - 5 years ago

    Bio-metrics are fine in some areas, but aren't great solutions in clinical areas due to infection control.

    I do believe that there are areas where bio-metrics do make sense, especially around drug prescribing and dispensing.

    Smart cards and RFID make more sense for user access control

  • Glen Marshall - 5 years ago

    The lack of consensus standards for biometrics, as well as the wide variety of biometric measures, makes a mandate problematic -- especially a Federal mandate. Even If the US could decide on what biometrics to use, and what vendors' system to bless as "standard", I doubt that international consensus would occur easily.

    It is reasonable to expect a 5+ year lead-time to gain such consensus once agreement is reached to pursue that goal. Even then, biometric identification for populations will remain elusive, even after authentication based on pre-registered biometric data is economically feasible.

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