Do you have a dedicated sewing space

  • Kari - 7 years ago

    I live in a studio apartment with another human and a dog. I am lucky to have most of a closet for my sewing stuff (with a rad antique drop-down ironing board built in to the inside of the closet door) which I try my best to put away every day. Sometimes the machine sits on one end of the dining room table all week though if I am working on a tough project.

  • Sarah - 7 years ago

    i used to have a dedicated sewing space - a tiny 8' x 8' room with a corner desk extended the length of 2 walls, and 2 shelves the length of one wall above the desk. Ironing board on the opposite empty side - just about room for me to! Nowadays the room also acts as my home office so I wedge a printer/scanner in and move the SM out of the way for my laptop when needed.

  • Linda K - 7 years ago

    My swing room is a 10 x 10 ft bedroom with an 8 ft long closet for fabric storage. Took off the sliding doors & placed (side by side )2 large metal units with plastic pull-out bins for fabric. These are originally for storing nuts, bolts, etc in a factory setting. Wonderful for all my fabrics, sorted by color. I sew a lot of softies and dolls for charity, and have a very large stash of fabric in 1/2 yd pieces. Above these units on the closet upper shelf are boxes labeled: jeans for recycle sewing, and larger fabric pieces. On wall shelves next to my machine, I have decorative shoe boxes & baskets labeled with contents: zippers, velcro, snaps, rickrack, grosgrain ribbon, narrow lace, bias tape, metallic trims, braid trims, ribbon roses, etc. By placing my sewing table in the middle of the room, I can swivel around on my office chair & access an ironing table & serger that are wedged along a wall next to my cutting table. Everything is packed in tight but I can move around nicely and know where everything is. Being able to find everything needed for my current project saves time and frustration. It took many years for me to figure out what works best for me.

  • redbarngirl - 7 years ago

    Believe me, even a dedicated sewing room can have disorganized/messy/dusty problems. I have a large room dedicated to sewing, complete with 8 (!) sewing machines and their desks. Plus shelves for all my fabric and supplies. Still, I can't ever find anything and the room is hard to walk in because of all the fabric and projects stacked everywhere. Maybe it comes with the creative gene?

  • BMGM - 7 years ago

    I have a lovely sewing space--but 1000 mi away from my current job.
    See the photos in the link.

    I'm in a tiny temporary apartment in which I cut on the kitchen counter and sew in a corner of the living room. My sewing stuff is tucked into spots all around this apt. I suffer sewing inertia sometimes b/c I can't recall where the supplies are. It's temporary. Hopefully, I will have a place to keep all my sewing stuff together soon.

    My daughter took over my sewing room for her study and art studio space.

  • susan - 7 years ago

    There are just the two of us in our small home. We very seldom used the dining room for anything except dinner. So I moved the little table into another area and took over the "dining room" for sewing. Husband built a big cutting table at one end and now my tools are at my fingertips.
    So nice.

  • Ellen - 7 years ago

    I have converted a spare bedroom into a sewing room. Despite this, I still feel I need more spare. I'm sure this is due to my total inability to stay organized and put things away properly. Once a year or so I get fed up and spend a day or two cleaning up. I don't fight my lack of organization any more. Before I retired from teaching the other teachers laughed when I could never find the stack of tests to grade. Students loved it when I would lose the overhead marker I had just used. Some of us are just organizationally challenged.

  • Andi Reaney - 7 years ago

    Hi, I use the dining table mostly so have to tidy away. The ironing board and dress form stand in the corner and my beautiful Nowegian table holds all the basic equipment to hand in the dining room.Thankfully I have shelves in the spare room for the stash and patterns! I've tried to sew in there but its a bit cramped and I feel rather cut off from the rest of the house.

  • Marty - 7 years ago

    I "kind of" have a dedicated sewing area, stuck into a corner that is about 6 ft by 6 ft. My inherited fabric stash and ironing board are upstairs in a bedroom abandoned by a college kid (#3, last one). I cut things out on the kitchen counter.

  • Dawn Redmond - 7 years ago

    Since the children have grown and gone I have turned their old playroom into my studio. When they were all at home I had a Horn sewing table that folded up into a credenza-like piece in the great room. I only folded it up when I entertained and then I could use it as a buffet or bar. It was a good investment because I still use it in my studio. It has 4 drawers on my right for tools and notions.

  • nicole - 7 years ago

    I do have a dedicated sewing space, I currently share it with the guest bedroom. It really does make a difference. In our last apartment I had an entire office. It was awesome. The setup in this one is just ok, but it's way better than not having a space at all.

  • Suits Me - 7 years ago

    I'm lucky to have a dedicated space, what was once a den, that I have converted into my studio. There is built-in storage, IKEA storage units, and a custom cutting/sewing/pressing table that my father built for me. It's been several years since I moved in to it but I still have not sewn the dreaded seat cushions and window shades!
    Karen, Do you really need a livingroom and kitchen?

  • Jenny Hayhurst - 7 years ago

    Its a cramped and crowded dedicated sewing space but I can close the door on the chaos and come back to it whenever, so its heaven. My stash lives in a Chinese camphor chest in another room though and I have to press in the hallway.

  • Jane - 7 years ago

    Very lucky to have a study where I can sew and paint. I have a table in the bay window, a desk with my machine out, and a ironing board which is out and ready, a sofa and a laptop. No longer use the sitting room now as we "live" in the study as my partner has his pc in there on his own desk. It does mean that I get so much more done and can leave things out when necessary. I know I am very fortunate to have this space!

  • Tamsinwp - 7 years ago

    I have taken over our spare room. I have a large table plus a smaller one and a set of cube shelves from IKEA. The ironing board stays in there and I am all set when the mood takes me. I generally have a massive tidy up when we have visitors otherwise they wouldn't be able to get to the bed!

  • sarah - 7 years ago

    I'm very lucky in that I have a dedicated sewing room. I get so much more sewing done now that I don't have to unpack everything. Before this luxary I had a desk set up in the guest room.

  • Emma Newbrook - 7 years ago

    I used to have two desks placed at the back of our dinning room with all my fabric and bits and bobs stashed away in a Welsh dresser, but I got sick of my cat constantly sitting on all my work and getting herself tangled up in threads so I bought a little 10x8 workshop for my garden. After electrics and insulation were fitted I now have my little cosy sewing space I can lock myself in. The best bit is I can leave all my work out and no one moans about the mess !

  • Karen - 7 years ago

    I share my sewing room with hubby's computer and desk. I do have a large island bench in the kitchen for cutting out, which is handy. I was interested to read about your dummy , I have been unable to decide if I have enough space to spare .

  • Cheriecostar - 7 years ago

    i have had a dedicated sewing area for one week! I bought 3 cheap desks and ran them along the length of my bedroom. One desk is for card making/art, one for sewing and one for my cameo machine. I had to kick my hubby's cupboard out into the garage that has all his hobby gear. So yay, goodbye to the dining table!

  • Debby Hill - 7 years ago

    I am lucky enough to have a room but I am no better organised. On my to do list with UFI's lol!

  • Barbarags - 7 years ago

    It is a shame you do not have a "sort of" option as I have a table that is usually dedicated to my sewing machine and accompanying equipment but, at odd times, is pressed into other service. As for my stash, that does have its own corner of the attic. So am I a NO or a YES?

  • Lizzy - 7 years ago

    Taking over a corner of a spare bedroom or study can be a great way to get some semi dedicated sewing space without eating too much into living space. I share a study with my husband that doubles (or should that be triples?) as a guest bedroom. There is just room for a desk and some shelves each, and all my fabric lives in boxes under the spare bed. My desk doubles as a bedside table when we have visitors! Before that I used to take over the living room coffee table whenever I wanted to sew, so this is a big improvement.

  • Carol taylor - 7 years ago

    Corner of my bedroom all tucked into an old restored sewing table. Can't hide the dummy tho. And my stash is too big now!

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