Is North West A Baby?


  • CDownerBozeman - 8 years ago

    So i get what you are saying about people hating Kimye so they go in at any sign of weakness.....But.....
    They didn't bring anything to entertain her. She was running around and happy before the show because she had free reign over the area. Nobody was telling her no. They didn't have to cuz no show was going on. Once they had to sit down and North had to stay on her mom's lap with not one toy to keep her occupied of course she'll cry! Maybe not right away but it will happen because she's a baby.
    You both speak about your niece (i'm guessing) you have probably seen her parents bring her to a non-kid place and have an emergency toy or snack for her. The "she's a baby she won't remember" argument is bad phrasing. The idea is she's not watching the fashion show for the fashion. North may notice the funny clothes maybe but she's only 18 months. People walking around not engaging her isn't entertaining. Why not have a toy on stand by? Damn near every baby has a toy that will make them smile even if they are in full tantrum. No body brought a toy? I like that they took her to her dad's show but that adds another element that might set North off. You have been sitting watching the random people go by and suddenly you see Daddy and for some reason Mommy won't let you go see him. Kanye is on the runway working but that doesn't matter to North that's her daddy and she wants to see him. cue the crying when she has to stay on mom's lap. This applies to any set of parents. Every parent has done a mission impossible to simply avoid their child;s eyes when they have to get work done or get out the door without a tantrum happening.
    Kimye wants to take North to fashion shows? Fine but bring something child friendly for her to play with just in case she cries. Show me a picture with a baby bag or something and i'll take all my comments back.

    Sidenote I think you guys are guilty of what you accused K.Dot complainers of in the other show. You are mixing all the complaints together of many different types of people so you can say that all of the thoughts out there are irrelevant or "just being extra" I love y'all but that struck me as you continued your disscussion. I get that people said different things about the same situation but lumping them together doesn't always makes sense. You've done it on a few topics. Again love you both. Just something I noticed.

  • Gem - 8 years ago

    why is nobody talking about Beyonce sitting directly next to Kim at the show?!?!?!?! at one point the biggest news in the gossip-world was that Bey and Kim had beef. it was fueld when Bey and Jay werent at the KimYe wedding and theyre always seen at various shows separated. and now we see pics of them sitting together at the show, Bey even posted a pic of her, Kim, and "Princess North" on instagram and the focus has been on a baby crying!!!

  • Cappadonna - 8 years ago

    Why is a crying baby news? Whats next? TMZ going to post pictures of her dirty diapers & XO Jane going to write think pieces on the non organic byproduct in her fecal matter?

  • Cappadonna - 8 years ago

    Why is a crying baby news? Whats next? TMZ going to post pictures of her dirty diapers & XO Jane going to write think pieces on the non organic byproduct in her fecal matter?

  • BigDickBandit - 8 years ago

    this is not a baby its clearly a sodomite her mom is a sodomite and her daddy is a sodomite... and all of his tasty semens are sodomites too

  • Da Kc Stork - 8 years ago

    Niggas just mad, because they dad wouldn't take their ass to weekend pick up basketball run, let alone a fucking fashion show. It may not be your idea of parenthood, but the man is taking care of his daughter and wife, as far as we can see. The same folks mad that "famous" people are not there in the day to day life of their kids, now seem to be mad that Ye is taking his daughter to work. Put down that malt liquor and pick up your kid......coons.

  • J-Full - 8 years ago

    I look at North the same way i feel about people bringing babies into late night movies. Most of the time it goes fine but that one time when it doesn't the movie is ruined for you. That being said, it was her father's fashion show so she should be there. She won't even remember it when she's older but it's important to have the pictures at such a big moment in her father's life. Plus North is there to remind us that a baby is richer than the rest of us

  • SugahBabe - 8 years ago

    Of course not! She, I mean 'it' is obviously some kind of deviant put on earth so we can relentlessly project our own insecurities on.

  • Lenore312 - 8 years ago

    The only thing about this Kimye North thing is that most fashion shows areprimarily for adults. Babies don't have that long of an attention span. Going to your dad's show? Cool. But does North realy have to be at every fashion show? Tantrum, Meltdown whatever babies cry anywhere. She's a baby. I think the more rational people are saying why wouldn't Kimye assess the situation and say "maybe my 2 year old deosn't need to be here with all these adults and nothing age appropriate to entertain her". Maybe just maybe she could stay home and play with her cousin's and aunties. But that as far as I go wit this "critique". It's their baby they can take her where ever.

  • PrinceLeron - 8 years ago

    Of course she is a baby but not as big of a baby of the people they are mad about her at a fashion show. Firstly, everyone must understand that is was Kanye's show so he makes the rules of who is allowed at the show. People are so pressed to prove that Kimye are bad parents. Why? I thinks it's because people are so insecure and jealous that they have to find something to make them feel superior to the celebrities they don't like. I bet these same people would be upset if we started discussing where mothers can and can not take their children. And I bet if it was Blue Ivy they would be crowning Beyoncé and Jay-Z as parents of the year. I remember they used to say Kim wasn't seen with her daughter enough.

  • Cassie - 8 years ago

    North West is either a real a) an actual child that acts like a child or b) a tiny cyborg built by the Obama Administration and the New Black Panthers in order to boost black birthrates through the overwhelming power of her adorableness and thus thwart the efforts of the eugenics elite like Rod and Karen

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