WEB POLL: Should temporary foreign workers be allowed to stay in Canada in extenuating circumstances?


  • Man of Steel - 9 years ago

    in her condition, theres no way she ca get a good treatment in her home country without money, the system in Canada is helping her, let the immigration dept decide what to do, when my father in law came to Canada years ago as a visitor and admitted to a hospital in Sturgeon Hospital in St Albert, I have to pay all the medical bills, so should the guy that hit her not us Canadians

  • scott - 9 years ago

    There's our wonderful government (sarcasim) with no compassion for people, but they have no problem letting in suspected terrorists

  • e bov - 9 years ago

    Yes, the one who crashed on him was a canadian citizen and has responsiblity for her health. The government should ve fair enough to take reaponsiblity when they approve workers to work here to help them boost the ecomomy . She should stay, this in humanitarian act. Employer should compensate too like when you go to work you have accident so the wcb and employer will compensate any accident.
    What were the rules in canada when u apply for immigration that if u have accident they will send you home? I thought Canada has equality? When immigration posts to promote to other countries.. apply and work in our very good country.. did they forget accident happens?

  • suzette - 9 years ago

    They are not only TFW, but they also help to build the economy and do the low jobs that others do not want.. They are humans and must be treated fairly because most of theTFW are educated and good law abiding people. Life is short, let us stop fighting each other and live together, because we are all flesh and blood. Let us live and love life.

  • frederick - 9 years ago

    what could i possibly say that would make a difference, except for the fact that she has been living here for free off of use and her papers have expired she has to go if the Canadian government allows this then it would set a president and allow every tom dick and harry to do the same thing she should go after the person that ran her over to pay for her medical bills and her transportation back to the Philippines do you think for one minute that if we where in their country that we would have been deported a long time ago instead your system is so screwed up that it cant even track all the immigrants that a re living here way past their time put your foot down now or grow a set of balls its to bad what happened to her but enough is enough deport her

  • hernani - 9 years ago

    since when did we lose our humanity that money or rules are more important than caring for an injured person? what kind of people have we become? what kind of society?a visitor who was injured in your house, would you let him go or stay until that person recovers? are dogs better than us treating our fellow human beings? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31TImuOfAm8

  • Ysh C - 9 years ago

    Yes, migrant workers pay off their way going to Canada, pay for their rent, pay for their EI (without getting access to it). They also don't just work here without buying goods too, wherever they are working, so technically migrant workers are helping to create jobs. In particular, was her previous job a labour demand that is permanent? Yes! Allowing "temporary foreign workers" to stay in Canada under conditions of fewer rights is not sustainable for the economy.

  • Trista Lush - 9 years ago

    I find it funny that this is up for debate period. No matter my opinion or the opinions of others you are all blind to the fact that our taxes not only fund this program but imagine all the money we have paid for harpers government to put in place and legislate the TFW program. All the hours spent and dollars used...to what?! Have a legislation that doesn't include a clause that covers the possibility of injured TFW's? What are they wasting our money on if they cannot even put in place a clear and concise program?? No that would make sense, and Harper doesn't know the meaning of the word. Instead now the people of canada get to pay for this to go through the court system!!

  • G. Ashmead - 9 years ago

    We have such a deteriorating health care system as it is. It is unfortunate that this woman had a accident & she can't work to stay in Canada. These things happen to good people too-but we have rules in place for temporary foreign workers & I strongly believe the rules are in place for a reason. We need to take care of our own.
    G. Ashmead
    Medicine Hat AB

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