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  • Troy white - 5 years ago

    As usual they blow smoke up our ..... on TV , u could have a 100% no to paying for health care and they'll pass it and we just take it ! Maybe they need to reduce their outrageous pay checks and earn their $ , tired of hearing how all political parties are scamming two faced lies. We really need to get rid of all these over paid under worked assholes that milk the system because their in control of our $ . Never mind the pay out for severance they get. Wake up alberta !!!

  • Jason - 5 years ago

    Until the Alberta PC's stop ramming politicians into seats without elections or proper by elections why do they bother with opinion polls???

    They've had a majority for 40+years, it's time for a change, or at least a decent opposition.

  • C Funk - 5 years ago

    No such thing as free.

  • tim wheeler - 5 years ago

    why don't you guys get your hands out of my pocket if you can not spend my tax money right get the hell out of there

  • Sabrina - 5 years ago

    Why in the world would I say yes to paying health care premiums when I know the money will go into executives getting money and paying for AHS cell phone bills yet at the moment AHS has a freeze on they front line works such as nurses because of there cuts. Yet we are paying for cell phone bills for $17000 a month which can be a wage for a nurse for 5-6 months. Taking money from Low income and middle class which is most of the people in Alberta to cover up all the mistakes that were made by there own party is unacceptable. I as an Albertans who is born and raised here will not pay for any taxes or premiums until this government can show they know how to spend money properly. Taking food off others to fill your plate isn't the answer to any of this. One way the talk about keeping unemployment rates down, other ways they are creating the rates themselves. You want us to pay for it, take the money out of your own pocket and tell me if your still willing to pay for it. Oh I forgot, you will just ensure you get that money out of the taxes I pay while I work my butt off doing 12 hours shifts and overtime when I can to survive because inflation is still going up and minimum wage is still low, executives take my money or severance pays are mandatory to pay, yet AHS is needing more money because it's more important to pay there bills for cellphones then hire front line nurses to take care of the people being admitted so they can recover faster less tax money is used. You have enough money from me ask the federal government to give the "richest province" some slack, and tell them how your government was stupid and relied on oil revenue to make up all the provinces budgets and didn't have a back up plan. Let see what there reply is. Then come talk to us.

  • Donna Tunke - 5 years ago

    No more taxes, we are in the same boat we are the ones that already pay for our Heathcare. I don't see the money coming from any where else! I'm tired of the Alberta government and all other forms of government telling us we have free healthcare I'm sure that where our taxes come into play we pay a lot for healthcare.The government needs to work with in the budget, they get way to much money as is we are losing our jobs and are facing our own cut backs. The Government is trying to suck more money from us, the ones that have to work a life time to make enough to just live. They work for 3/4 years and get pension we can only dream about. Quit sucking the life out of us and pay more attention to the tax money you all ready have. I think if we the people really thought about each and every form of taxation and user fee we have been paying we would realize just how much money is being wasted by our government. How about it lets see what every city and province pulls in from each form of taxes and user fee and ticket they hand out then explain where all this money goes because I can show you what happens to what is left of my pay cheque after they take all there cuts. Please stop trying to tell us we need to pay we do and we are told we have to pay into CPP as your telling us we may never see it but you will get your pensions right.

  • Aidan - 5 years ago

    It's hard to believe that we have a PC majority with all of these comments suggesting that we should tax the upper class as well as big corporations. Unless you changed your mind recently, I don't see how this doesn't translate to a different legislative makeup. Get out and vote people, even if you are right wing fascist pigs.

    But seriously, vote NDP. At least do it for your kids if you're too narrow minded to do it for mine. We as humans never deal with a problem until it's right in front of us and too late. Be smart and lose the ignorance, let's ensure the longevity of the human race instead of taking advantage of what we have in the present.

    -From your friendly neighborhood Social Democrat

  • Peter - 5 years ago

    You pissed away enough of our money, how many booms have we had? We don't have the Goverment we want want but the one we deserve! Keep voting P. C. And it will never end!

  • Will Haluska - 5 years ago

    Robin Campbell, you're an idiot. Why don't you try asking Albertans what they want cut before you just assume you have a clue what you're talking about?

  • Ed Smith - 5 years ago

    Robin is a stooge that is trying to claim that they do not pay for ins in Alberta. Anyone with half a brain know that employers pay for it unless you are unemployed then the govt sends you the fricken bill. This Finance minister seems to not have a clue even how the health ins gets paid. How does he have a job not knowing the basics?

  • Warren Pister - 5 years ago

    The fact that idiots exist in governmnet who ASSUME the majority approve of their actions is pure BS! When a politician can speak absent of hipocracy and actually be truthful only then will THE PEOPLE benefit. There is no proof that as a province so dependant on oil prices needs to do anything other than control the fraudulent actions and spending habits of this dark government. We do not need a sales tax or new fees to offset the alledged costs as claimed by the PC party. We need value for the money taken from us in high taxes, double taxes and fees where fees need not exist. Paying high taxes would be acceptable all things considered if we got our moneys worth! A flat tax on income above $18,000.00 annually to $51,000.00 of 10%, $51,000.05 to $75,000.05 of 20%, $75,000.10 - $100,000.00 of 25% and the max of 43% give or take on amounts greater than $100,000.00 regardless if private or a corporation would put more earnings in peoples pockets creating more spending and thereby supporting corporations paying more taxes absent of tax shelters. We need to refine our own oil and NOT ship it out of province only to come back in refined products for which we pay more than necessary as it is a greed based comodity but one that has many essential products derived from it. We do not have an income issue in this province, we have a typical spending issue. Uts that simple. No government should have the key to the vault and only be issued funds on a request and review basis by NON POLITICALLY DRIVEN BOARDS OF TAXPAYERS. After all.....we the taxpayers own this business called Alberta and the government fails to accept just who they work for and answer too!
    The premier should be paid a base salary of $150,00.00(taxed) and MLAs $85,000.00n all controlled by US for increases and able to remove incompetent members regardless. The Premiers job could be advertised and be up for a competition, no party run and manipulated proces, just apply and be screened.
    You want new office furniture and and paint? Well your office is not scheduled for renos for another seven years at which time the neednis reviewed publically and only approved by the board with humble upgrades. You do not get any ridiculos severance package. You get what any other Albertanbis entitled to and thats it! You will use economy class and Dennys, and you will stay at 4 star accomodations when on Board Approved travel. Royalties? Well...our oil, our natural resources, our benefit not anyone else outside this province. You want to make cuts? Just ask me and I will save more money than ever before without hurting the working class. Common sense would prevail in EVERY move on spending to wants vs needs. How is it so difficult for anyone to understand that we are being robbed blind and habe been for over forty years????!!!!
    Stop creating problems to compensate for the greed of a government and government endorsed corporations so the rest of us can be fooled over and over. A child could save more money than what this self righteous and self serving government has claimed they have tried to do. TIME TO SHAKE THE FOUNDATION!!!

  • Vince - 5 years ago

    What a bunch of BS. No one wants more taxes! We pay enough and enough is enough -- make do with what you have. We could give them all our money and they would spend it. There's no way Albertans were very clear on bringing back premiums; I filled it out and explicitly stated not to increase taxes at all. And if this pages' poll is an indication, I'm not alone with only 10% supporting paying premiums again. Ridiculous.

  • BBLD - 5 years ago

    Hey? Remember it was not to long ago that we were paying premiums. I think they need to adjust according to the number of family members as BC.. The old structure premiums were based on two adults and not the children. Single used to pay half. I have been waiting for this to return... A good thing. Better than PST

  • A concerned Albertan - 5 years ago

    Just another way for his buddies to make more money! Make it private so we can charge you on your income tax and on healthcare tax! Why don't we all just sign our cheques to get direct deposited to the government? Might as well!

    It's shit healthcare we get already, now you want to make it more complex and even shittier and for us to pay for it! Great! Everyone bend over!

  • Ken Borloz - 5 years ago

    We the voters should take there Dynasty away in the next election

  • gerard - 5 years ago

    No to more taxes!!!! After the gov hires extra staff to collect, administer,the money and vote themselves a raise there will not be even a single dollar extra going to healthcare.

  • Kirstin - 5 years ago

    Since the finance minister is only about half-way through his public consultation process and has literally yet to hear from people in places like Calgary, he's just making this claim up.

    How does creating another level of bureaucracy make sense at all? That's fiscally irresponsible.

  • Rockyredneck - 5 years ago

    Charging healthcare premiums only adds another level of bureaucracy with bloated payrolls to do the billing, collecting, and auditing. Keep it simple, pay it through income tax.

  • Brenda - 5 years ago


  • Sean - 5 years ago

    I agree that we should be paying for the services that we are using. However, If I still have to wait a year for an MRI or 3 years for knee surgery than the answer is a definite NO.

  • Stephen Schwartz - 5 years ago

    The PC's are so out of touch with Albertans it's funny they can even function as a party. By making up their own stories that Albertans want to pay Health Care Premiums is laughable... do they actually think we buy it?

    People want responsible government and to have "our" elected officials held accountable for spending our money. Building multi million dollar pedestrian bridges, art projects, parliament building reno's, travel and personal expenses of MLA's, Corporate Aircraft... And the list goes on and on and on.

    Wake up Prentice... Cut spending and live within our means. No PST, No Health Care Premiums and no Tax increases!!!! Nothing less is acceptable. Get your head out of the sand. Do the job you were elected to do! You and your PC's make me sick!

  • Cat - 5 years ago

    You rape us on our taxes so we get nothing when we go home. We are building new schools in Calgary and a new library with estimated costs of 135 million? If the government and health care system cant keep their hands out of our wallets for all the fun stuff they are building with our tax dollars.. why should we have to pay fees when clearly "We" have the money somewhere!?? Justify that Alberta Health

  • Brian - 5 years ago

    If monthly health care premiums are re-introduced and I have to start paying out of pocket for health care, I can promise you that I will go to a different doctor for a physical every single month. I will get "bang for my out of pocket buck " and this province will not save money in regards to me accessing doctors because I'll be going from 0 visits a year to 12.

    If I'm going to pay out of pocket for health care every month, I will start ensuring I use the health care system on a monthly basis.

  • Sarah - 5 years ago

    Who has the government being taking to? We already paying for health care through our provincial and federal taxes.
    As well previously single persons were paying 50% of a family no matter how many persons in that family which was not fair either since most families with kids cost the health care system much more than single person.
    Charging health care taxes should be based on per person not either single or family rates.

  • Nora - 5 years ago

    I am amazed that people want excellent health care, education and infrastructure, but don't seem to understand that we have to pay for it. There is nothing to worry about: low income people are exempt from having to pay -- all they have to do is fill in a form.

    So yes, those who can afford premiums should pay premiums. Those who make a more money than most people should pay a higher percentage of tax (we all paid for your education and health care on the way up -- you can give back, right?). And corporations should pay more tax.

    This is just decency and common sense.

  • Melissa - 5 years ago

    it really sickness me to see that he said to talked to albertans when I'm sure a lot have not talked with him . I know there's a lot out there wouldn't be able to pay! You know there's meds I needs but can't afford as they cost to much to take. $100 for only 6pills for my migraines in which I have far to many there's times I can have 4 or more in a week ! So I go to the ER to get treated cuse the pills are not covered . Thank god my husbands meds are covered same with my 4 year old that has epilepsy his on to meds that he needs every day . He also needs a Helmet that's also not covered and that's not counting all the trips back and forth from lethbridge to calgary to take him to the children's Hospital to see the Dr there cuz they still can't Control his drop attack seizures. So to be adding. More cost be paying health-care premiums would be a kick but

  • Oh gosh - 5 years ago

    But that's not how government works.

    Say we start paying premiums, all that means is the money currently in health care will go to another department.
    It won't be in health care, it won't be for health care.... It's just labeled health care so it looks like something we need.

  • Norm - 5 years ago

    Absolutely NO healthcare premiums should be paid by Albertans. The government better realize, if they must make cuts and raise funds, there are much wiser things we can all do without before taxing or cutting our health (seems they don't) care.

  • Mardell Lang - 5 years ago

    Have you been to the doctor lately?
    We get extra billed for everything and most specialist they refer you to charge extra for seeing you.
    So in a sense we pay for health care anyway, so why being back the premiums unless you take away all the extra fees doctors have started charging since they eliminated premiums.
    And why are the PC's all of a sudden in trouble?
    Maybe they need to take a look at their outlandish over spending.
    They really have to go!
    Wake up already Alberta!
    Get rid of this party once and for all!
    They have been mismanaging out province and ripping us off for years!

  • Anne - 5 years ago

    My thoughts are instead of making us pay for our health care stop building 25 million dollar bridges and 500,000 dollars circles for no reason. Honestly why were these art pieces built for. It's not art it is a way to spend unnecessary money and think it is ok. I am NOT for paying for health care just because the government don't know how to spend money properly. Don't get me wrong I love Calgary but stop building useless art and make hard working people pay for your careless spending.

  • Mark Carriere - 5 years ago

    i do not agree with premiums

  • trish - 5 years ago

    the crappy survey didnt give u a voice u could only pick the options they gave and no spot to put your real opinion!

  • Dwayne Penney - 5 years ago

    If the PC Government would have saved money while Oil prices were high they wouldn't be in the mess they are in now. Now it's up to tax payers to bail them out? Their inability to foresee swings in commodity prices like oil is a great example why they shouldn't be in the position they are in. They don't even understand simple economics. they do not deserve to be in power. We need to vote them out, force a new government to do a complete audit of their wasteful spending over the last 40 years and blow the whistle on how corrupt and wasteful they have been. It's depressing to think that they believe that Albertans want to pay for healthcare when women wait 24hrs to check their kids in hospitals and they scrap the Cancer center they promised to build. If they decided to build the cancer center I may be inclined to pay a premium for it. My dad died of cancer. He could have used it. Pull your head out of your a$$ Jim Prentice and actually listen to Albertans.

  • Mark - 5 years ago

    I'm on a fixed income to pay for Healthcare I either will have to cut out one of the followingInsulin,Meds,Food,Rent. Once the Premiums are back they will be their for good have to support Big Oil and all those Fatcats.

  • Carlyn - 5 years ago

    Prentice is sooo out of touch! I doubt Albertans want to pay premiums, but I'll bet the PC government manipulated their survey to make it seem like we do! I don't know many families that can afford to take on this expense right now and even then most still wouldn't qualify for subsidy or exemption with how ridiculously low your income has to be to qualify for assistance on any kind of premiums . How about prentice starts cutting out all the excess management and administration and redundancy in the system first? Let's actually find efficiencies and follow through with them. (I know one quick solution would be to transfer some existing funding over to more midwifery, wouldn't cost any more but would save us money and provide more courses of care than is currently available just in one small area of health care; maternity) If this government takes more money they are just going to waste more of it. PCs have been in too long now. We don't have a money problem even now but we have an enormous spending problem..... Danielle smith left way too soon! All she had to do was wait a few months and her opportunity to knock the PCs out would have come. I have been a longtime PC supporter up until the last federal election when the PCS wore out their welcome for me and I changed my vote to another party. We need to get these guys out. Or send a message loud and clear that they need to stop thinking of taxing us all to death and streamline, use our money efficiently and learn to spend within our means.... It's also dirty that he "adopted" his only serious opposition, Danielle Smith... How convenient... And then slaps us with this. And taxing the rich and corporations won't help us, you hit the people that are employing Albertans heavier and more Albertans will be jobless and on EI and not contributing to the tax base which will only compound the problem.... What we need is to keep spending down and make the most of what we currently have and keep money in the hands of Albertans (of all income levels) and corporations too so that the economy continues to move forward and people keep their jobs, which will eventually end up increasing the tax base im the long run). And If Prentice were serious we'd see a bigger cut on politician salaries (a serious one) an elimination of bonuses (until such time as economy improves to the point private sector workers see them again), elimination of the extra tax free income politicians recieve over and above us, and taking away the huge severance packages and excess benefits that no private sector worker ever gets...... But they want to introduce measures that impact the regular working family, not themselves. Cutting 5% of salary is the equivalent of just not giving themselves a raise in line with inflation for the year, it's all smoke and mirrors. PCS need to get our message. NO.

  • Nelson - 5 years ago

    Sure, instead of employing Nurses and Doctors let’s hire a small army to push paper and collect Healthcare premiums. Let’s hire some PC friendly managers and pay them a whack of cash. Let’s build a huge building to house them, or maybe rent out space in the new Federal building in Edmonton.
    These premiums NEVER went directly to Healthcare, they went directly into
    “General Revenue”. People who earned $21,000 a year paid the same as someone who earned $121,000, a single parent family of 2 paid the same as a family of 5.
    They can spin this anyway they want, it’s just a regressive tax grab. The Jim Dinning era isn’t starting off well.

  • Bill - 5 years ago

    I haven't gone to a clinic in years. I don't have a family doctor. So, please tell me why I have to pay a tax on a bloated system that I only use for a SERIOUS health issue, and not run to the ER when I have the sniffles...

  • Kel Bleile - 5 years ago

    I have heard it all now. Finance minister, must had a dream about talking to us, because nobody has talk to me. Maybe they should take a 50% cut in their pay. And stop wasting our money and time with crap.

  • Paul - 5 years ago

    Scrap the 10 percent tax. Introduce progressive tax rates. Raise the business taxes. The rich and businesses have benifitted from years of tax breaks

  • Anna - 5 years ago

    What is PRENTICE doing?? So fed up with this government!
    Stop looking for money from Albertans. Look to the big companies instead.

    Albertans are too polite. We need to speak up and start protesting where and when we can to have out voices heard as there is strength in numbers/crowds.

  • jay - 5 years ago

    Premiums should be based on income. On our income, 100 bucks a month will have to come from somewhere...

  • Sabrina - 5 years ago

    What do you sales tax in other provinces is used for? I'd rather not pay more for everything!! Our Healthcare is far from perfect ..if paying for it helps I'm for it !

  • Kelsie Ryan - 5 years ago

    I would like to know who they surveyed to get this type of information. No Albertan's that I know of want to pay out pocket for health care. I agree with taxing corporations if they need more funds.

  • Leah - 5 years ago

    My below comment's last sentence meant, "on top of tax, money should not be taken......"... Pardon the typo

  • Greg Evans - 5 years ago

    Absolutely NOT! Alberta is the richest province in the country yet our government cannot handle our money. When times are good they spend like crazy and now that times are not so good, they expect us to pick up the tab??? I don't think so! That's a big NO to health care premiums or any tax increases whatsoever! The PC's have proven they are nothing but criminals, giving themselves huge raises, bonuses, etc., while increasing our taxes and fees and what do we get out of it? Nothing. Nil. Zip. Prentice is just as arrogant and autocratic as Redford ever was. We need to get rid of the PCs once and for all!

  • Thane Hurlburt - 5 years ago

    Years ago we not only paid health care premiums, but we also got a statement every 3 months that detailed the disbursements made by Alberta Health on the our (Alberta citizens) account. This is too expensive to send out today but should be available for to us to access online. I remember growing up in the sixties/early seventies my parents would try very hard to deal with all minor health issues at home, mostly because they saw what it cost the taxpayers by viewing these statements. If we all saw what health care actually cost for our own families, we may buy a bottle of Tylenol rather than go to the emergency room. What we paid for health care premiums was always very little, we need to pay it again. All boils down to the degradation of the moral fiber of society, but this is the bigger picture.

  • Leah - 5 years ago

    Our kids were sick and we were waiting almost 4 hours at night. Second time we went it was a bit better- 3 hours wait, but we went at 5 in the morning. Our friend waited for an year for colonoscopy....Those people who are asking for more money should see in fact what is happening in the health system.
    May be they should look into reducing spending money at top level health care executives before jumping into public's wallet. There is news about their cell phone bill, leisure spending etc all the time.....
    No more money for health care system please!!! It's not a free health care we have; we are taxed for it... On top of TAX, money should be taken from public...

  • Linda White - 5 years ago

    It's been a nice break but we paid before and we can pay again. I think people are forgetting that our health care system is not free. Who besides Alberta had their premiums paid for them? Get over it.

  • Sherry - 5 years ago

    Corporate into taxes, Ontario does. Business pay a large portion of it as well.

  • Sherry - 5 years ago

    Corporate into taxes, Ontario does. Business pay a large portion of it as well.

  • Sherry - 5 years ago

    Corporate into taxes, Ontario does. Business pay a large portion of it as well.

  • Frank - 5 years ago

    make another government department, mail out statements, collect the money again and again. sounds like another way to waste. we already pay taxes, why do we need yet another levy?

  • Staci - 5 years ago

    We should pay, where do people think the money that pays for health care comes from? We used to pay for Alberta health, those that could afford it paid, those that could not were subsidized.

  • Waelz - 5 years ago

    If the gov can present us with some numbers saying that they really need the money and how it may benefit the ordinary individual then I may consider voting yes. If they can explain what the benefits are that would be great, I mean I'm a uni student and I would like to know how it will impact my financial situation.

  • Steve Schwartz - 5 years ago

    Who is this idiot asking? No one I know. It is hard enough making it in Alberta as it is with the high cost of goods and services. Now add another $1000.00 a year for families... Good God!

    How about cutting spending of the $1200.00 per capita over and above other Provinces. Clean your own house first.... and the wage cut by PC Politicians is just smoke and mirrors. Taxpayers aren't stupid only PC voters are!

  • McCall - 5 years ago

    Yes I would pay premiums for health care if I could get a family Dr ( which is impossible as all the Dr in my town will not accept anymore patients must go to walk in ) and if I did not have to wait 2 weeks to see a doctor if I make an appointment ( by then I don't need a Dr ) I don't feel albertians should half to pay for a service that we can't get in a timely manner maybe the government should be taking at least a 9 % pay cut since our budget is going to be cut by 9 % across the board this is a sign Alberta that our government is only worried about the themselfs period ( if they cared about Alberta they would match or take a pay cut greater then the budget cut) the system needs to be fixed before you charge for it my family may go to the Dr 3-4 times a yr at the old preminiums it works out to 250-300 dollars a visit ( pretty costly in my eyes) maybe privatize it if the government can't afford to take care of its people for most it would be cheaper per visit
    Just my thoughts

  • Miranda - 5 years ago

    Most of us are struggling to make it now who can afford more bills plus i pay enough thur my work insrance. I think the government needs to take a big pay cut! Make all work for minimum wage and see how fast of changes

  • Miranda - 5 years ago

    Most of us are struggling to make it now who can afford more bills plus i pay enough thur my work insrance.

  • Lyle Van Loosen - 5 years ago

    We are already over-taxed. so introducing health care premiums and gas taxes are NOT the way to go, tax the big business (Corporations) and the upper class.

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