How would you grade Dr. Bedden’s performance?


  • Goldie Mason - 9 years ago

    Leaving struggling school systems early is your superintendant's MO. I would call him a SYSTEM HOPPER. Impressive resumes may have words that sound good. However, look at how long the man stays on the job. It's all about the MONEY and his future! His livelihood....not the livelihood of system employees not the future of the students or the system.

  • Antionette Barber - 9 years ago

    Correction for the spelling of Dr. Bedden

  • Antionette Barber - 9 years ago

    I also agree that it is to early to give a fair assessment of Dr. Geffen. However I am certainly impressed with the recent decision about Elkhart Middle School. Unfortunately for staff and students, EMS definitely isn't the only building that needs that kind of attention. After that is etermined, RPS may not have the sizeable budget to make that change to the remaining needed schools. My question, what use is the money from the VA Lottery that is given to the RPS school system.

  • Latonya Dean - 9 years ago

    I'd be anxious to see how many TEACHERS and RPS employees sign that petition. That will tell a story, if you look deep enough. I wondered why Bedden would want to come here in the first place. I say if the man wants to go, let him go. I'm with actual RPS parent. The teachers are NOT the main problem that needs fixin in RPS! Folks are gonna realize that soon enough and stop believing the hype!!

  • Actual RPS Parent - 9 years ago

    I would love to see everyone apologize to former Governor and Mayor Doug Wilder. When he tried to clean out city hall, he was ridiculed. Dr. Bedden is at the helm of a school system that just realized Elkhardt(and many others) is in deplorable condition and somebody has to spend money and it still wont be enough. Why is it that when there is a story about the RPS system its never with an ACTUAL 3rd or 4th generation parent, with a current RPS student that reflects the years of mismanagement and can attest to the daily BS that predates and includes Dr. Bedden's time in RVA? If there are stories about the actual schools themselves Holton, or MAYBE Blackwell is shown(same design down to the colors). Nobody ever recognized that? What are they hiding? All "big time" school meetings with people who dont care to see the impoverished children but help make decisions are held in that same school. Maybe thats why the rep for that district is always on hand for interviews. This man has worked too hard to come to a school system where all but 3 are dilapidated, and they just realized it would cost 15 million to fix EMS because NONE of them go there to see. Thats just one 30+ year old RPS structure that he has to deal with. Is that why Goolsby left? The school board cant get rid of the old AHS and WCES buildings for RRHAs continued mismanagement because they may realize something else is wrong with Fairfield or something at Woodville and need a temp? Dr. Bedden, go where the kids have parents who are proactive and not reactive. I told you in August that the cronyism monster loves RIC. These people hold their positions and jobs without any effort. They fight and argue at council meetings while the kids watch the mold grow.Go where progress matters, not tenure or positions. Love you and much success to you. We as a city aren't ready for you. We have to clean house. Anybody who has been here atleast 15 years can see the patterns across ALL city agencies. RUN!!!

  • Glen Allen - 9 years ago

    I would like to see Dr. Bedden finish what he started so that I can give a fair response to the poll regarding his performance. It would appear that he is leading the District to good things, but it is really much too early to give an accurate assessment. If he has issues with Richmond City government, I would like to see him expose them so that maybe they can be resolved. Running away from issues is not the answer, all localities have their issues. I hope that Dr. Bedden decides to stay in Richmond, and I hope the Board will hold off on any offers of additional compensation until they can be sure the changes he has implemented are having a positive effect on the overall education provided to the students in the District. 14 months on the job is not very long at all, it is my understanding that the RPS made a hefty investment just bringing Dr. Bedden on-board, I hope that they reevaluate their negotiation practices next time to better protect their investments. In short, I would like Dr. Bedden to stay as I believe he has the ability, and the desire to do good things for the District. I would also like Dr. Bedden and the School Board to expose the issues that brought Dr. Bedden to agree to talk to Boston. The voters/tax payers, have a right to know. Please stop the secrecy in Richmond.

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