Circumcised men, would you like to regrow your foreskin?

  • Mike B - 6 years ago

    I have Restored -most- of my coverage.
    there is NO way to replace the lost nerves/sensation of what was taken without MY consent!

  • Brer - 6 years ago

    Been retoring 15 years. Best thing i ever did. Cutting stole not just my manhood but my trust in humans and god. Who lets such a thing be done to a baby? My healing through restoration has helped rebulid faith as well.

  • Tom - 6 years ago

    YES, I would.

    I’m 58, awoke from the circumcision coma two years ago. It was and still is a painful experience, and sometimes I want to lobotomize the parts of my brain where this knowledge is stored. Yet, being a curious person, I guess I’d find out again. Relationships destroyed because we did not know anything way back then, and because we hadn't yet learnt to talk about our sexuality.
    Meanwhile I have spent my life alone, and I don't see any change coming. Not even sure whether I even want it to change … don't know how much more frustration I can bear.

  • Tally - 6 years ago

    I started restoring my foreskin years ago. I never knew what I was missing. I may not have everything I was born with, but what I have now that I've restored is amazing. I have regained a lot of sensitivity I lost over the years. I feel more comfortable now that I have a foreskin to protect my sensitive bits. I took positive action to make myself better and I am happy I did so.

  • argcoy - 6 years ago

    There are rarely good looking or glamorous genitals. Who cares how they look? Respecting bodily autonomy is what matters here. Who's to say your genitals wouldn't look better with a foreskin? (I'd say yes, they would, but for many that's not an option) Not your body? Not your choice. Idc if an adult wants to slice and dice his own genitals, but don't make that choice for someone else.

  • Tatsu - 6 years ago

    Eddy- glad you know no better. But wouldn't it have been better if you had been given your right to control your own body? Marty seems happy, but there is a guy at work who loves having these massive plugs in his ears. I am glad he's happy but I would be totally pissed if my parents had done that to me before I was old enough to resist.

  • Marty - 6 years ago

    I got circumcised as an adult by choice and I can tell you I FAR prefer being cut. Way better both to look at and to play with.

  • Mike - 7 years ago

    While you may think your penis works fine Eddy I can assure you that you were robbed of lots of feeling and sex will never be as good as it can be for you. As a gay man who has been with both I will say I am angry as hell part of my penis was amputated. I see nothing appealing about a dried out unprotected glance lacking it's protective foreskin.

  • John - 7 years ago

    Intact boys get 1/6 the number of genital infections as do girls. Our sexual bodies are not unclean things.
    Many "curious dispassionate" researchers have studied it, and when they say cutting is bad, they are labelled as biased.
    Look up "The Prepuce: specialized mucosa of the penis and its loss to circumcision."
    Dr. John Taylor wanted to know its effects to see if he should cut his son.
    He did not. He now stands against it as Genital Mutilation.
    Dr. Ken McGrath has a similar story... Most medical researchers do.
    They looked, in curiosity... And found a horror.

  • Eddy - 7 years ago

    it may not have been a choice, but it's one of those things I am glad happened. I def do not want a forskin. My penis works great, and looks amazing. I think sloppy skin hanging off the end looks aesthetically unappealing.

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