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Have you ever made daddy a sandwich?

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  • KJ Dolla - 8 years ago

    CDowner...let it go! Take that L and keep it moving. Not worth how mad u got.

    Now on to the poll..I never have because I'm a straight male and didn't have my father in the house. So doesn't apply in either instance.

  • Teresa - 8 years ago

    I have to make "daddy" a sandwich because otherwise he'd eat nothing other than mayonnaise or butter or [insert disgusting by itself condiment] with cheese maybe if it's not hidden [aka. not in front of his face].

    Guess the race...

  • Cappadonna - 8 years ago

    If by "Daddy" you mean "Non-cooking Wifey and stuck up cat" then, in my Ru Paul voice - "YES HONEY!! I work that grill all the time for daddy!!"

    If you mean my actual father - Hell's No! That old Ninja nearly burst a coronary when I took him to my favorite macrobiotic restaurant in LA. My kale salad and Tofu steaks gives Cappa Senior a stroke in disgust. If it weren't for cholesterol and being 70 - he'd only eat baked beans and whoppers.

    Stay Black, y'all

  • CDownerBozeman - 8 years ago

    You made a poll about North West but you're suprised people made comments? Ok
    To prove my point you both added all kind of extra situations to every comments to prove people were"stupid". As i listened I realized "you're right i was adding some shit in to the situation let me step back". No body said you can't take your child out of the house. No body said your child should never ever cry. I worked at a daycare so I know that kids cry for whatever the fuck reason they want. I know that children need to be told no. I know that parents want their children at major moments in their lives. I looked at that particular situation regarding both parents not just Kim. Not a hating thing but a "hmmm i wonder why thing". You made the KK fashion show the focus of the poll so i responded. Also i've voted in other polls i've commented before. I don't get time to write in a lot. So saying I only wrote in once was incorrect. You actually asked about my name before but go ahead and say i never write in to fit your argument. I know you'll tell me to not write in again and suck your dick. I'll keep listening because i like both of your opinions safe to say you don't give a fuck about mine i'm sure. Guess i got the brunt of your anger since i was the last comment. Too bad for me, as you said, your name is on the door. Oh look one paragraph. Yea me!

  • nubs - 8 years ago

    Rod and Karen! Thanks for another great show.

    Also, thank you for going off on baby-haters this episode. I've never really understood why its acceptable for people to whine on and on about how irritating a crying baby is. So many people hate crying babies on planes, and give parents the stink-eye or post murder fantasies in the internet that involve the baby's parents, the plane or the baby. I mean, everybody alive is either baby or post-baby, because that's how life works. How can a PICTURE of a crying baby bring up so many feelings? Why all of the hate? Like y'all say, it usually stems from something deeper.

  • SugahBabe - 8 years ago

    If daddy says make me a sandwich, imma make daddy a DAMN sandwich. SHEEEEET!

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