Are people being too hard on Sean Penn and Patricia Arquette?


  • PrinceLeron - 9 years ago

    Grapes from the finest vineyard in Chile to Sean Penn. I remember a few years ago he got mad as shit when Chris Rock made a joke about Jude Law cheating on his wife. I guess Sean is all about these jokes now. But to answer your pole, No people are not being too hard on them. You are taking a risk whenever you try to make a risque joke or a political statement. When you fuck up, you get roasted and then people move on. If you try to fight back, you continue to get fried. That is the way it has always worked.

    This kind of reminds me of the story you did later this week about people fucking up and then claiming to be victims. Telling a joke doesn't give you immunity from criticism. If I was Latino, am I supposed to just smh and say I guess Sean missed the mark. Naw, I'll be like fuck that nigga. And Patricia Arquette's statement displayed a way of thinking that is problematic and needed to be discussed.

    Also, can we stop using the term "outrage" as a way to disregard any position we don't agree with. I noticed that is used more often when women (especially black women) try to discuss any issue. And I'm tired of the false narrative of black people not discussing the big issues because they are too busy discussing insignificant ones. Does anyone remember what "black twitter" was discussing right before Mike Brown was shot? No because they stopped when bigger news occurred.

  • Cappadonna - 9 years ago

    I sat through the entire 3 hours of that cure for insomnia called the Oscars and came away with a few things based upon social media:

    1. Patricia Arquette is a Miss Anne from "Gone with the Wind" because she made a very bungled statement on intersectionality of liberal causes & didn't apologize.
    2. Sean Penn, a guy who is buddy buddy with the late Hugo Chavez and champions of all things left of center, is a race baiting xenophobe because he made really bad joke poking fun at, not Latinos, but racist hillbillies who don't like Latinos and don't support immigrant rights.
    3. Neal Patrick Harris somehow is a weak willed Statist who supports the pernicious Obama spying and drone apparatus because he made a bad joke about the fact that no, there weren't cops awaiting the crew of Citizen Four outside the Chinese Theater.

    I wish Actors would just stick to thanking their mama, their spouse and/or their dog instead of trying to say something "edgy" and "profound".

    I'm in the minority - hell, I knew I would be on this poll, but screw it. What Patricia Arquette said was bad but not the end of the universe and many Black people are, sometimes, way too up in their feelings looking to be offended 24/7.

    Let's state upfront that Patricia Arquette could have just said "my bad" and moved on. Her comments were completely a historical, but they were said in the heat of the moment. She double down and brought the hammer of stupid upon herself....

    But unfortunately, I don't think that an apology would have solved the problem with many activists and writers on social media. Once she said those comments, I knew Black Twitter and some professional activists were going to verbally beat this woman down until she personally apologized on the Melissa Harris Perry Show. ** Same goes for Sean Penn and that "Green Card" bit. I got, it was a bad joke - but I knew full well it was a joke!! But don't tell some 22 year old Young Dreamer blogging about immigration issues on Salon that it was a joke.

    THIS is Suey Park all over again - Liberals nitpicking for outrage instead of realizing what the bigger issues are. The main difference, Steven Colbert is actually funny - these actors generally are not.

    I know I'm probably going to get picked apart. But that's okay, its my just my opinion & I can deal with the debate. The idea is to spark discussion.

    To summarize, I only have so much outrage to go around and I can't personally jump up and down every time someone says something off color. Patricia Arquette screwing up boiler plate liberalism on Oscar night doesn't reach indignation levels for me.

    ** Note - I was joking about the Arquette/MHP thing. Though to be honest, I won't be honest if Dr. Perry does a "Dear Patty" letter at the start of her show.

  • Teresa - 9 years ago

    With Sean Penn, the fact that he's friends with Alejandro González Iñárritu, does not negate that he made a comment in public that could be seen as insensitive at best/racist at worst. The public does not have a clue, nor should they, about their personal relationship. They joke like that together, fine. But putting that out for public consumption was stupid. NOW, Sean's stupid comment is overshadowing Alejandro's achievement. How good of a friend are you that making a insensitive inside joke was more important than celebrating your supposed friend?

    The Arquette fiasco has been completely overblown by White Feminists™. All I saw LGBTQ and PoC saying was basically, "Hey Patty, when you said backstage, 'It's time for all … the gay people and people of color that we've all fought for to fight for us now.' I sounds like you are separating LGBTQ women and women of colour from your "women" and acting as if they have not been fighting on this issue too. Be mindful of this in the future, otherwise it's great that you used your platform to bring attention to this issue." Don't get me started on Sandler. She's acting like a victim and sounds like she's lost every nut off her tree.

  • Gem - 9 years ago

    i really enjoyed the discussion you all had around the comments made by Arquette and Penn. i think the pushback and criticism on what they both said is warranted. given all that is happening in this country - especially as it relates to immigration, racism, bigotry - there is no better time to confront and educate people about the ignorant, insensitive things they say. these are 2 celebrities who have used their platforms to shed light on various issues and could benefit from being receptive about being told where they went left.

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