Do you think the drinking age should be lowered from 21 to 18, in an effort to curb binge drinking?


  • gary naylor - 12 years ago

    i think they should be able to drink, then maybe they will get there drinking done at a young age, if u can join the army u should be able to drink a fucking beer but yet if ur in th army u get caught drinking they let u off so if ur not letting 18 year olds drink atleast let them drink if they have military i.d. thank you come again lol

  • amber - 12 years ago

    THIS IS TO CHELSEA ; " If alcohol is so dangerous and deadly in so many ways, why is it legal where drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and herion are illegal and certainly just as horrible."

    --First off, marijuana is not dangerous, deadly, or horrible. It's all natural. A great substitute to a lot of dangerous medication. AND, it cannot kill you not matter how much you smoke, eat, ect.

    I will agree that alcohol is dangerous. But for real. You're dumb if you think marijuana is dangerous or deadly.

    Alcohol age should be lowered to 18.

  • Chelsie - 13 years ago

    I am 18 years of age and leaving for the air force in 2 weeks, for basic training. If i'm able to do that then why cant we drink legally at 18. I love all the point here that say the age should be lowered. There are still very immature people when they turn 18. so of course thats one reason not to lower it. But yet you have people of all kind of ages who can't handle themselves drinking either. It's just a matter or letting it happen and seeing where it goes. Were old enough to have credit cards, drive, buy our own houses but not drink? honestly Since the age is 21 we're having more and more kids trying to go out at 18 and drink. THEY DO IT ANYWAYS! Just lowering the ago to 18 will make it legal. And i think there will be more people who drink at a lower age. but then they can get their party years out of the way early and get their lives on track sooner. The only thing about it is i think people aged 18-21 will be more likely to drive while drunk. I never have or never will. Because i'm not taking the chance to screw up my life. But once again If we're old enough to own credit cards, consent to sex, get married, but houses etc. Then we should be able to make our own decision on drinking as well.

  • fizgig - 13 years ago

    If not 18 then at least 20, 20 is when you're really an adult. And they shouldn't make the penalty so high if you get in trouble if you're underage 18/19, unless your driving or causing harm of course. But you know there are people 18 that are very immature/mature, as well as people 50 and up that can be immature/mature and everyone is different yes but it's time they change that law, or at lease make the drinking age lower or make marijuana legal. There are so many controversies over this pot thing. Here it is plain and simple: There's only one reason why it's illegal and no it's not because of the effects(cough syrup and cold medicine has worse effects than pot), it's MONEY. Pot is safer than alcohol. No one acts crazy, wrecks, rapes people beats their kids on pot bla bla the list goes on. Now for those who have never tried it, here is what it does to you: NOTHING some people might feel high, but it really just calms nerves more than a ciggarate, in which they should be banned too. It makes most people feel tired. Anything you smoke is not good for you, and yes it is sad that ppl have to get messed up drink/smoke whatever to have fun, but society is messed up but that's another topic. I think if you're old enough to fight in a war and get killed you have the right to drink/smoke. And like I said if not 18 then at least 20.

  • Daniel Bloemertz - 13 years ago

    Hey,I think its ok to drink at the age of 16...... Im coming from Germany and its no problem... We all like it so much .smile. every pub u can go in until u are 16 and drink beer. only hard stuff is just about the age of 18. greetings Daniel

  • Nick - 15 years ago

    Alcohol just as dangerous as herion hahaha

  • Chelsea - 15 years ago

    I personally think that alcohol should be illegal (yes, I know we went tried the whole making alcohol illegal thing before and it didn't work out, but that's beside my point). If alcohol is so dangerous and deadly in so many ways, why is it legal where drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and herion are illegal and certainly just as horrible. I wouldn't mind it so much though, if the people drinking had enough sense to stop before they get to the point where it poses a hazard to themselves and others.

  • Ashley - 15 years ago

    I think it should be lowered because of the fact that the government says you're mature enough to make life-altering decisions such as joining the military. Many people don't picture themselves going to war but it's a possibility. You're apparently mature enough to move out of your parents' house and are legally an adult. You can enter into contracts and have to pay the consequences if you break one. If more parents let their kids start drinking at a younger age and teach them about drinking it won't be as bad. Sure if you lower there will be more alcohol-related accidents in the 18-20 year old category but that's always a given.

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