Is it okay for two conscenting adults who are father and daughter to get married?


  • Rae - 9 years ago

    That sodomites really tried it...probably read this story while sipin' on your Starbucks Semen Soy Lot-tays! *Dr. James David Manning voice*

    No, seriously, I really don't understand how a sane adult can see a person who only exist because of them, at various stages of childhood and at late teen years think to themselves, " that is someone I stick my penis into..." Like if you feel creeped out when this girl calls you daddy during sex, because you are indeed her father, then that should be a good indicator that you should pursue a romantic relationship and/or engage in sexual activity with the girl.

    "Umm girl, who's your daddy?"
    "You are"
    "That's it! Find yo' drawls and get out!"

  • recogniZE_TAste - 9 years ago

    Judging everyone who thinks a daughter and father romantic relationship is appropriate. There are laws (for most states) for a reason because there are disgusting perverts who think this is ok. I have never heard a story so disgusting in my life!!!!! I pray they don't have children. It's clear they are not going to break up with one another anytime soon.

  • KJ Dolla - 9 years ago

    NO! That shit is disgusting and wrong on many levels.

  • PrinceLeron - 9 years ago

    At first I hesitated because I wanted to make sure that I fully understood what you guys meant by "okay" but then realized it didn't matter. I have no real problems with an adult daughter and her father getting involved and getting married. The only concern that anyone should have is the possibility that the daughter was being abused as a child. If their is no evidence of that, I say let them be together. The girl in the story was a minor so that should not have been allowed to occur.

  • Cappadonna - 9 years ago

    What kind Oedipus complex crap is this? More proof that you are the Eugenics Elite spreading your homo demons over the Internet. If the Jersey Shore get washed away...I blame this semen latte sodomite conspiracy. Where's that Ellen James White? What you know about this right here? Homey!!

    Seriously this is too nasty for average Baller Alert Groupie Tale. Forget incest these father's are 100% predators and creeps. What kind of sick bastard would manipulate their teen daughters into to Sex slaves? There's a reason their mama's left this criminals.

  • Gem - 9 years ago

    its really really gross to even think about BUT im not sure im convinced this needs to be legally regulated (perhaps with some of the exceptions Olivia makes).

  • MellaBella - 9 years ago

    "Feet turnt the wrong way" I am not sure if this is truly something that occurs because of incest, but from now on I am judging parents whose kids' feet "turn the wrong way".

  • Olivia - 9 years ago

    The prohibition against incest marriages isn't really to keep people who are related from marrying each other, it's a proxy to keep people from abusing each other and a reflection of a traditional incest taboo in our culture. We're really bad at recognizing and preventing abuse in our legal system, and it's common for older family members to abuse kids and teens in their families. So we created the category of "incestuous relationships" so we wouldn't have proof problems when trying to jail one of the abusers. We needed a theory where proving consent wasn't an issue: if you fuck your niece, you're in trouble with the law.

    People who see their mothers raise their siblings as babies, and/or those who grow up around family members throughout a significant portion of their childhood (studies say at least 14-15 years) don't tend to see each other as potential sexual partners. So, the law doesn't need to prevent those people from trying to marry each other, the gross out factor does it already. The law targets the small portion of the population for whom incest isn't abuse, and isn't an automatic dealbreaker. It's gross, but no reason to withhold a legal contract from consenting adults.

    All of that said: the girl in this story is exactly the kind of situation you want for an automatic "incest is illegal" law. She says she is consenting, but she's a minor, he groomed her when he met her, and she had so little love or support in her life that she was a perfect, easy target. This poor girl needed parents, not creepy assholes, one of whom was cool with fucking his daughter. Her grandparents aren't even there for her. Disgusting adults, all of them.

  • J-Full - 9 years ago

    That shit is gross, fam.

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