Should foreigners pay more than locals at tourist attractions? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    91 votes

  • Yes, but only in developing countries
    138 votes

  • No
    148 votes


Posted 4 years.


  • William Mitchell - 9 months ago

    Why should Scots pay more money out when visiting certain areas of London! IE. LONDON. Not just Scots, friends from neighbouring countries too?

  • Michael - 2 years ago

    I have just searched for a hotel in Turkey via price comparison sites. For One week all inclusive for people people, this was showing as £1228 on a popular booking site, however, the same holiday is showing as 2,298TL (£628) on a Turkish website. When I went to book I was then asked for a Turkish ID Number or tick a box to say that I wasn't a Turkish Citizen which I did, I was then presented with the following:

    WARNING: You stated that the visitor is not a citizen of the Republic of Turkey. The facility prices mentioned for the reservation can only be applied for Turkish citizens. If the guest is a citizen of a different country other than the TC, the facility may charge a price difference. If such a situation occurs, our related departments will communicate with you.

    ....but the "price difference" Isn't specified therefore leaving it open. So I called the hotel myself and asked and they said that foreigners would be charged an extra 200 Euros, yes Euros, per day per apartment !!

    I don't mind a little price discrimination....but that is taking the kebab!

  • Alex - 2 years ago

    This is very acknowledged + bios. Do you know how much double international students have to pay for their tuition more than normal local students in many countries such as USA, Canada, UK or in Europe?

  • Adam - 3 years ago

    If European tourist are charged 3 4 5 times the local price same rule should apply to non ecc going to Europe

  • kez - 4 years ago

    Cheaper flights must go low and it would not feel like u bin shortchanged wen c all the wonders of your distanation

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