Life or Death?


  • Brenda C - 8 years ago

    I don't think they are divided just because they didn't come in Friday. They haven't come in on Friday's since this began. They may not have been expecting to have the case this week and may have had scheduling conflicts. I do believe they asked if they could work Fridays, so maybe they ARE planning on using Friday IF it takes them that long to decide. I think this jury is dedicated to making a decision. Hopefully it will be the one the convicted murderer deserves.

  • brenda - 8 years ago

    i know for sure Jodi is the Killer so Death Penalty for her

  • Dianne Cartter - 8 years ago

    I believe that once again it is the men that are hanging on, plus some very young woman. I don't believe it is going past Tuesday. But because Nurmi said that they are the ones that have to live with putting someone to death, that weighs heavy on a very young person, especially if they do not have children. I myself feel that TA was young enough to be my son, & I would not want this to happen to my son. Porn has nothing to do with it, DV nor sex has anything to do with it . She just wanted to say to TA that " This would be the last time you will ever be with a Woman " . I said that to my Ex- 40 yrs ago when" I kick him where it counts ", but I never killed him. He & I went are different ways & we each got married to someone else. and never seen each other since. I believe & hope that they do come together for the Death Penalty, If Wisconsin had it, I would believe in it But there is a But. Only if they new for sure that a person had killed .
    We know for sure Jodi is the Killer so Death Penalty for her!

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