Who is the Premier League's best referee?

Posted 4 years.


  • L - 4 years ago

    Like M Percy unable to pick one from the list....
    No leadership
    All about being noticed the old times of walking away from a game and saying WHO WAS THE REF TODAY????

  • brianearnold - 4 years ago

    obviously has played the game ,and completely understands players motives, body language, and attitude even from the back I know only I swore once was reported end of my referee-ing carreer.
    54years ago

  • P.L. Collina - 4 years ago

    Poor Lee Mason. Included in the poll twice, but still well off the pace.

  • Roger Woodbury-Eggins - 4 years ago

    The current standard of Premier League refereeing is an absolute disgrace. I cannot understand why with so much money at stake the clubs do not collectively demand a better service and insist on the use of technology, which seems to work well in many other sports.
    Meanwhile, I think your poll would have been far better were the question to have been posed the other way i.e. Who is the worst referee_

  • Michael percy - 4 years ago

    i tried to pick one out but. Had a hard time . To me no one is number one .

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