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Which team are you on?


  • Jim - 8 years ago


  • Marion - 8 years ago

    Im with the minority vote of blue and black. It blows my mind that anyone can look at it and see white & gold! Theres no way! It is unquestionably blue and black!!!

  • kathryn - 8 years ago

    it was white and gold last night, but then I looked this morning and it is definitely blue and black! So crazy. It's kind of stressing me out

  • Racheal - 8 years ago

    I saw the actual dress on Good Morning America and it is blue and black.

  • No name - 8 years ago

    The dress is really black & blue in the inside but the out side is gold & white

  • Sandra - 8 years ago

    Are you serious guys! I can't for the life of me see how ANYONE, even Zac and his "smart" self, could DARE see anything but BLACK AND BLUE!!!!!

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