What brand newsjacked #TheDress most effectively?

Posted 4 years.

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  • Holly Lei Hou - 4 years ago

    I'm one of the few people who voted that the whole thing is facile. I have seen pictures of the dress in both white-gold and blue-black, and i think it is not too difficult to such pictures with Photoshop. As a layfolk , at first I believed the whole thing is planed to promote the dress retailer Roman, because it is too obvious that Roman will gain publicity from scenarios of discussions at networked social medias. In the beginning, it was my curiosity to follow news of the dress discussion, but now it seems that all other companies try to hitch a ride of the dress debate, especially when i really feel tired of seeing anything about the over-consumed dress (i want something new and original...). However, from the view of a PR student, i would vote for LEGO--because the message is direct through the image and the understanding of the message is probably cross culture (Is LEGO not everywhere in the world?), while i have to think about the sentence for the post of Pizzahut a bit, before i get the message is indicating pizza's color... I would not vote for the post of Denny's, because i am not familiar with the brand (never seen it in mainland China), and i can't directly relate to the joke to anything. I think in this case, although the 3 brands all use social media to magnify their messages, using an image already known by audiences is why LEGO's post stands out.

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