Would you have sex at least once with Mr. Footlong?

  • 8 Inch guy - 5 years ago

    He's slightly too big lol I'd go 10 inch Max

  • Jane - 5 years ago

    Would love him fucking me deep and hard swirling his cum in me mmmm bring it on big boy

  • luke - 7 years ago

    I would love that cock inside me his load in my ass and his cock and load in my mouth

  • jim - 7 years ago

    Im a gay guy and i want him yo fuck me so hard. Squirt his.huge load im my ass

  • James Brown - 7 years ago

    I would love to suck his cock and feel inside me,it is my dream,god help me!!!

  • Zach - 7 years ago

    is there any way I can get ahold of him. like social media or something. because I want a go at it !

  • dave - 7 years ago

    i would love to have that cock inside me and cum in my mouth, more then just once god, now im horny

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