Pick a side: Do you believe Brent Everett or Michael Hoffman?

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Posted 4 years.


  • Donna Everett - 4 years ago

    Hello everyone,
    This is Brent Everetts mother...I taught my son to be truthful and honest in life and thats what he lives by. Hence, why I am even commenting and know of the situation should be proof enough. Those videos were purchased professionally with the intent perfectly clear that they were for professional purposes. It just seems to me, Mike wants to stir up some more publicity on the back of my son. He's been in this industry for half your age Mike, so if you think he hadn't covered his bases and dotted his i's you will be unpleasantly surprised.
    Look forward to seeing some more hot flexing nude videos soon! Xo
    -Mrs. Donna Everett

  • derick benny wolf - 4 years ago

    Yes I know Brent Everett is famous but I agree with Michael you don't have right to Post other people's videos I just feel like they should block anyone from using other videos just because they want to make free money.
    I just hope that Michael reads this messages if anyone wants to text me. Here's my number 3135200311 and I'm off to sleep good night

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