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Which Is the Best FTP Client? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 4,310

  • cheapdigitalpiano - 13 years ago

    Cute FTP

  • buybestsale - 13 years ago

    Don know

  • bestbuycheaphoobersale - 13 years ago


  • trendbabystroller - 13 years ago

    Window :P

  • BestBuyNikonLens - 13 years ago

    FTP Cute

  • BabyMonitorScreen - 13 years ago

    FTP cute

  • Cheaplumix - 13 years ago


  • Dave Keays - 13 years ago

    On the Linux VM's' on my Windows desktop I use netcat, but when I need to be productive on a Windows machine I use a GUI. I'll use whatever is available on the environment I am in instead of fighting the platform to conform to my ego.

    For what I need, FileZilla does the job. Since it isn't the most time consuming bottleneck on my list of things to do, I have other priorities. Improving my time FTP'ng isn't very efficient right now.

  • jamestave - 14 years ago

    Hi everyone i tried many ftps finally i found out FileZilla is the best ftp, it's very fast loading and it connect to the server very fast also uploading speed is faster than other ftp it's very simple and easy to use i love FileZilla, i recommend FileZilla.

  • Colin Jensen - 14 years ago

    I personally use BitKinex it is by far the BEST ftp client out there. If you are interested take a look at my review on my blog. Click the link below

    Colin Jensen

  • Alisha - 14 years ago

    I also don't see why FileZilla is getting more votes. I had nothing but problems with it.

    Personally, my favorite is SmartFTP.

  • fjpoblam - 14 years ago

    FileZilla adds layers of complexity I simply don't need. While Cyberduck runs a very very close second to FireFTP, I have found that Cyberduck's connection is flakey and peeyuuney at times, where FireFTP seems to have quite a bit more stamina. I can't for the life of me imagine why this would be. So there.

  • chuck - 14 years ago

    To be fare this should be divided up Windows and mac because the windows will always get more vote more users and add the other mac ones available.

  • Kanzar - 14 years ago

    I don't particularly see why FileZilla is getting so many votes. Statistically, FileZilla would have to so much better than their competition (e.g., far more features, far less memory/CPU usage, far better security, etc. etc.) to garner over half the votes legitimately. But it doesn't - it's not *that* much better than the others to get that many. So I call 'suspicious'.

  • pb - 14 years ago

    FileZilla was my weapon of choice for a long time, but having recently tried WinSCP I doubt I'll ever go back. FZ is a decent simple user-friendly FTP client (and server) but WinSCP is miles ahead in terms of functionality, and its a little bit smoother in operation also.

  • KuriKokku - 14 years ago


    I'm sorry, the voters seem to think otherwise.

  • Double D - 14 years ago

    FileZilla FTW

  • the - 14 years ago

    I have to say this:
    % ftp

    Other than that filezilla

  • Sam - 14 years ago

    Yummy FTP for Mac. It blows cyberduck and transmit out of the water. No competition.

  • Umpitygrumpity - 14 years ago

    Get rid of that filezilla crap off the vote list. Seriously.

  • byron - 14 years ago


  • jeremy - 14 years ago

    good ol' "ftp" command line

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