Who do you believe?

  • PrinceLeron - 7 years ago

    This is becoming one of the situations where it might not matter who is right because it is so messy. I tend to side with Mo'Nique because Lee Daniels is not making any sense. Even if Daniels is telling the truth, it is still fucked up. He is not really denying any thing that Mo'Nique is saying. She didn't play the game correctly and she is getting punished. Oh and I went back and listen to her acceptance speech; he just mad because she didn't mention him. I also want to speculate that Lee Daniels may have been one of the people Mo'Nique was talking about Cuban B'ing her NAACP image award.

    I have been so intrigued by this story because is has made me think so much about black actresses and actors in Hollywood. I noticed that a lot of black actors in Hollywood didn't get that start by acting. They got famous doing something else and spring boarded into acting. Mo'Nique, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Hart are just a few. I understand why Kevin and Mo'Nique feel like they don't need to bend over backwards for these movie studies. They were at the top of their profession before they started landed these roles. Even when you are constant professions like Denzel or everyone that worked on Selma, Hollywood will find a way to shit on you. They did their best to not acknowledge Selma at all, and Sony wants to stop promoting Denzel's movies. I can't image how tough it is to be a young inspring black actor or actress.

  • Hakeem Lyon - 7 years ago

    She do it all night
    She goin' hard, right?
    She love the spotlight
    She make that thang go
    Drip drop, drip drippity drop!

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