Should a woman replace Andrew Jackson as the face on the $20 bill?


  • Syl - 9 years ago

    Smart Women do the important things in life without tooting their own horn; pardon the phrase. Besides they deserve a million $ Bill with a big smile.

  • Mike - 9 years ago

    Did you notice that almost every woman on the list is either a Marxist, a socialist, a feminist, an abortionist, an environmentalist, or is otherwise a famous Democrat liberal? This isn’t about putting the face of a woman on a $20 bill. It’s about advancing the “cause”, i.e. leftism. Why isn’t Ayn Rand on this list? Her most famous book, Atlas Shrugged, was listed as the second most read, most influential book in America. Only the Bible topped it. Of course, if this group were really honest, it would be campaigning for Karl Marx’s picture on every dollar bill. Or Barack Obama. After all, he is our first King.

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