Who were your faves from the 'American Idol' Top 8 Guys? (Choose 3!)

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  • Maye - 8 years ago

    And what was up with Mark Andrew's plea "vote for me or I may succumb to the terrible fate of having to actually WORK to support my family". UGH. Dude, you just lost my vote, we all have to work for a living, you are not a victim because you have to use a shovel to earn a paycheck. His comments seemed really out of touch with his audience, it definitely rubbed me the wrong way and he had been one of my favorites.

  • Maye - 8 years ago

    Qaasim is absolutely amazing on stage! So much fun to watch!! Love him.
    Clark is a great performer too, I appreciate his angst.

  • Toni Briseno - 8 years ago

    Please give Mark a chance he has a great voice!

  • kenzie - 8 years ago

    Omgi love Daniels voice its amazing especially since he's so young I love hearing him sing it inspires me I hope he inspires u guys too id love to see him make it far and he sings so many sokngs that I enjoy too I can't wait to hear him sing again me and my friend love his voice he makes us smile every time we hear him he has a very pleasant tone and I love how he plays so many instruments and he is so talented and he should he has a strong voice and brings in the audience I love how he makes the song his own he should definitely make it far go Daniel

  • Aubry - 8 years ago

    Haven't been as excited and hopeful about an AI contestant since Adam Lambert. Quentin is the real deal. He mesmerizes me. Voice intensity, star quality etc and a quest spot on Empire for the WIN.

  • Celia - 8 years ago

    Adam is a very good performer and has a great voice. Not many people voted because of his 'crazy' personality. He can't help himself but be a rock and roll singer. I like him the best. Very entertaining!!! He might not make it as the next American Idol only because his style is not what they are looking for but he will make it big!!

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