Is Ben Carson a serious presidential candidate?


  • Ratty Gadsen - 8 years ago

    One thing that struck me odd about Dr. Carson's comments is the underlying notion that you should be able to discriminate against gays because they chose to be that way but that you shouldn't be able to discriminate against blacks because you can't change skin color.

    while racism and homophobia can be internalized -- they are largely external phenomena. Lots of harmful stuff comes from prejudice and classification that's coming from outside the person. No amount of being an acceptable black or "good gay" will change that.

    What's more, the othering of homosexuality--the notion that you can't be straight unless you are 100% heterosexual (the not one drop of semen rule?) is likely the reason why some folks might reclassify themselves as gay after sexual experiences/trauma in prison.

  • Kyle - 8 years ago

    Nah, he needs to get rid of that little bit of facial hair he has. And where is his plan? Herman Cain had a plan.
    Plus Ben needs to put some base in his voice, I don't want my president to sound like The Weeknd.

  • SugahBabe - 8 years ago

    I'd vote in a damn dog than that clown.

  • PrinceLeron - 8 years ago

    Hell no, he is not a serious contender. Conservative will let him build some fame up now but will strike his ass down during the primaries. There is not way they are going to let a black man run for president on their ticket. It does not matter how good of a job he doing pretending to be stupid in these interviews. He will not pull in any minority votes because he has already came out too conservative on too many issues. But he will do a good job as being the newest black guy that shit on black people for a living.

    One thing I saw last year was these young "new niggas" are hopping on the Carson bandwagon. They were cysing Ben Carson just because he is homophobic. They were pretty much saying black people are comprising their faith just so they can support Obama but they, themselves refuse to do so and Ben Carson is the man they support. It was all good until Ferguson and the other events happened. I saw them niggas complaining about Obama was not saying enough when Ben Carson hadn't said shit. On was on they ass every dad until they admitted what Carson was really about.

  • Cappadonna - 8 years ago

    Let's keep a hundred - Dr. Ben Carson is the Lawn Jockey of the Month for the GOP. He's an embarrassment to our community - How can a Black man of his education & background possibly believe half the stupid crap that he says?

    He's a homophobe, a pariah among minorities and completely clueless about economics, foreign policy and just everything a President needs to understand to lead this nation. And well, he's Black and despite saying fuckery, is several times smarter than anyone else in the GOP, so no he's not going to become a major player in primaries. But, he will be making that book deal by the end of year talking about all he "learned" running for President. (Which will be little more than crappy right wing talking points from 1986, but hey, he learned something.) He's the go to "Pull Up Your Pants" Negro since Bill Cosby couldn't seem to keep his pants on in front drugged women since 1963.

    This is too long, but I really can't stand these handkerchief heads, buck dancing Toms the conservative king makers march out every year. The keeping presenting these clowns as a Bizarro Obama. The problem is that most of these guys are one way or another complete train wrecks. Herman Cain had a not so secret side piece and was an admitted coward, Allen West was complete loon and possible rapist. Michael Steele was just too nice and sensible that the Republican chased him out of the GOP and onto MSNBC.

    The only Republican Black guy who could pull in POC votes is possibly Colin Powell (the only member of the Bush administration most sane people kind of sort like) and he pretty much abandoned the party after their fight over DOMA.

    Ben Carson, or as I'd call him, Dr. Judas, is a clown, a side show attraction a anti-racism deflection shield for the full bore bigotry in the Republican Party, no different than Bobby Jindal or Ted Cruz. Its sad that such an accomplished man would let these Devils clown him like this and tarnish his own legacy just for a few coins from Rupert Murdoch.

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