How do you feel about SB 442, which would allow only medical exemptions to vaccines?

  • Amy - 5 years ago

    Allowing any entity to decide what medical interventions individuals are required to have without a choice is not the foundation for a socially sustainable society. Everyone must have direct influence over their life. The state that claims domain over the human body is not the making of the "freedoms" that us U.S. Americans claim to value. My family is living proof that philosophical exemptions assists us with our consistent excellent health. There are many ways to create and maintain health and families and individuals must be able to have sovereignty over our bodies. We are free!!!

  • MM - 5 years ago

    Please feel the importance of the freedom to create healthy beings! I have spent enough hours as a childcare provider and Mother of 3, to know the differences between healthy, vibrant children with strong, immune systems, and the varying degrees of not. There are so many variables in deciding the choice of / schedules of vaccinations, to give a standard mandate to us all, is wildly unconscious. I know how sick the average kids are, and mine aren't average, nor as sick, and I choose Very carefully which shots I give, and when. We also don't eat the common pesticide, processed food the government advocates, nor do we let others decide important life affecting
    decisions for us.
    May we affirm as communities to continue to create healthy, high vibrational beings, through personal wisdom, not fear based bureaucracy .

  • Margo Mead - 5 years ago

    My children are grown, but if i had a baby right now, i would still vaccinate him/her, but on the schedule that my vaccine-cautious physician recommends. 1 at a time, with no hep b until a teen, and hold of on the mmr until age 3. So i am opposed to this bill that would take that possibility away from us.

  • Concerned Citizen - 5 years ago

    Anyone that supports this bill better hope the day never comes when a vaccine is added to the schedule to which they have concerns or objections. An Ebola vaccine that has been fast tracked is nearing completion and there is talk of global vaccination. There is also an HIV/AIDS vaccine near completion. Are you going to happily line up your children to receive these vaccines despite not knowing the long term effect or complications of either of them? You would be willing to volunteer your children to be the guinea pig for these vaccines? Keep that in mind. Once you hand over this power to your government, any vaccine that is added to the CDC schedule you will be required to have administered to your child if you wish to continue with their daycare or public/private education. Many parents don't currently do annual flu shots as they are recommended but not required for Oregon school children. They will be required if this passes since the CDC schedule will be followed.

    Those of us that vaccinate our children on schedule can not think that this doesn't impact us. We will also be at the mercy of the CDC and whatever they add to the schedule. I certainly do not want to give up my rights to make informed health care decisions for myself or my children. Being comfortable with the schedule today does not mean I will be comfortable with the schedule forever. Please think about this.

  • Concerned Citizen - 5 years ago

    I am opposed to this bill. All American's should be opposed to any such legislation. This is not about being for or against vaccines. This is about rights and freedoms of Oregonians. The government has no business mandating health care and taking away the rights of parents to make health care decisions for their children. This country is careening down a hill of overreaching government and is hardly recognizable anymore. Children are being taken away from parents because they let them walk to a nearby park? Now, Oregon is trying to take away religious rights, parental rights and the ability to exercise informed consent in health care decisions under threat of denying children an education?? This has to stop! When it comes to vaccines, the state should educate not legislate.

  • Andrea - 5 years ago

    Ditto Jenny 100%. I choose to vaccinate..but it should be MY decision..not the government's!

  • Samantha - 5 years ago

    The overwhelming response for :

    "I oppose the bill. Parents should be able to decide what vaccines they give their children. "

    Tells me that most people don't understand the bill. It's not mandatory vaccinations bill. It's a "you don't get to bring your unvaccinated child to public school" bill.

  • Researcher - 5 years ago

    The studies purporting to show safety do NOT show what the medical community/media/pharmaceutical marketing campaigns SAY that they show.

    The gold standard of mainstream medical review, the Cochrane Collaboration, is the only mainstream medical publishing group that does not take money from the pharmaceutical industry. They are adamantly pro-vaccine, yet they strongly caution about safety for many vaccines, including the MMR. Their most recent conclusion on MMR safety, which they published in 2012: "The design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR studies, both pre- and post-marketing, are largely inadequate."

    Did you catch that? Design AND reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies are LARGELY INADEQUATE?

    Who in their right mind would mandate an invasive medical procedure on healthy individuals based on inadequate safety studies?

  • Jennifer - 5 years ago

    A yes vote is unethical. We are not caretakers of children for the state/government! These are OUR children. As parents, they are OUR responsibility. Why does the government decide that Pharma companies cannot be held liable for vaccine injury/death and then, almost 30 years later, also work towards eliminating our individual medical freedoms through forced vaccinations??
    Isn't prostitution illegal? I'd really like the government to stop sleeping with the pharmaceutical companies!

  • Cara Frantz - 5 years ago

    Our government should educate & represent, not cross the line into making medical desicions about our bodies.
    The current law has only been in place for one year & requires parents to watch an educational video or have an informed discussion with their physician about vaccines, it requires parents to be educated about their decisions. There is no reason to fix something that isn't broken.
    These proposed changes (SB-442.3/.5 etc.) go beyond a vaccine debate, they would lay the foundation for our government to disregard our religious or educated beliefs on any subject & to supersede our ability to decide what is best for our own bodies & our children. Majority of the constituents are requesting a "no" vote, our elected officials should not be allowed to push bills through on their own personal beliefs, they are supposed to be speaking & acting in representation of the people; it is extremely concerning & violates a democracy if reps are allowed to disregard their people.
    It would be foolish to think that this won't effect everyone, via ripple effect, nor that it will stop here. Once we allow our government to disregard us as free humans, to implement any mandatory medical procedure (of any-scale), it will only open the door to further medical procedures; such as mandatory abortion and birth control for population control, where you give birth & required vaccinations or birth control of adults before allowed into college or jobs, etc. This will head us down a path we do not want to go & there will be no end in sight.
    Our state will lose money & credibility based on lawsuits, expenses tied up in litigation, loss of revenue from families moving out of the state and/or refusing to pay tax dollars to a state that no longer fairly and equally represented them & the well-being of themselves or their children, parents quitting their jobs in order to be at home to homeschool their children. Those parents will lose income & the ability to pay for private insurance forcing them to go on state Medicaid & possibly food stamps......are you seeing the bigger picture here, major financial harm to Oregon if this passes!
    It is a violation of oath for a physician to force a medication or procedure on a MOST definitely is an ethical and democratic violation for our government to.

  • Jenny - 5 years ago

    I'm not against vaccines, I believe they have their place if used wisely, however parents should always have the right to choose when and what is put into their child's bloodstream, especially when the substance could cause harm. What scares me is if this bill passes, any vaccines could be added to the mandatory list in the future, including any number of the hundreds of vaccines currently being developed. There would be no way to refuse a mandated vaccine, even if it we questioned effectiveness or quality. It's too much power to hand over to the government. Personal liberties need to be protected.

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