Should Fargo ban "extreme" drink specials?

Posted 4 years.

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  • Mollie - 4 years ago

    By allowing this we are encouraging people to drink and drive thus increasing accident rates and death rates. When you look through North Dakota's tourism book the primary things advertised for FM area is bars, bars, and more bars. The FM area needs to focus on bringing in more family friendly things to do year round besides just museums, bars, the mall, the Zoo (which needs more animals and indoor facilities). We used to live in the FM area but moved away because of the lack of year round entertainment. I would rather drive to Wahpeton than Fargo to go to the zoo and it's the same driving time. An indoor waterpark like the one at the Canadinn in Grand Forks would be great and its fun for all ages not just little kids. Overall, Fargo has very little tourist options.

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