What Color Was That Dress


  • PrinceLeron - 8 years ago

    There are almost no issue or topic that is immune from fatigue is this country. That is why I don't have any problem with what the Salvation Army tried to do here. They have a good cause and they're trying their best to raise awareness for domestic violence. This ad was originated in South Africa not the US; They may not have had a recent sports scandal that brought domestic violence to the forefront. The scrutiny that the ad has been getting in the states has been a little misplaced because we are a slightly unattended audience. Here we are more likely to be cynical of the ad because we know that some organizations tend be crassly opportunistic in moment like these.

    I tend to dismiss any controversies surrounding the dress because people are going crazy. Shit, the "new" niggas were all on my Facebook feed shaming other black people for falling for the distraction.

  • Cappadonna - 8 years ago

    It was domestic violence, only because my home computer and Facebook were beaten severely by this stupid dress for the last week.

    Seriously, I think that ad campaign had a good intent (i.e. while we're arguing about this silly dress, we could be using this tool to talk about real serious problems like domestic violence). But, it comes off the Salvation Army as humorless scolds or worse, it doesn't take the issue seriously that they would turn battered women into a meme.

    Of course, such latter assumption would be silly as the Salvation Army, for all their flaws, are on the frontlines for helping the poor & own and operate hundreds of women's shelters in the country. But, well, the Internet...

  • skyjammer - 8 years ago

    Rod and Karen,

    You know I didn't listen to the episode...
    no disrespect
    Make Daddy a sandwich!!!

    and since we are on the subject of commentators on the polls not staying on topic...

    This reminds me of a funny stiry of when I said Light Skineded in front of my wife's friends at a Princeton reunion... (humble brag )... how embarassing...

    Disclaimer: I hope Rod and Karen don't cuss me out for trying to get as many trolling things into one post... lol

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