What do you think the Minister of Forests the Honourable Steve Thomson should do next?(you may make more than one selection)


  • Mal Senta - 7 years ago

    Driving alongside Nanaimo on the way to Victoria we were amazed at how gorgeous the forests appear to be from the highway. I became interested in this land area and learned about this petition. BC's elected Leaders should accept that Vancouver Island needs to be protected and adapt to the ever changing world and the need to be resourceful with ideas and eco tourism. Governments sell water and our resources for much less than their true value, with very little economic value to locals. Better to sell to stewards of the land who will preserve it rather than continue the practice of logging. Land has become so expensive for a reason here, people want to live where it is beautiful. I hope we see a change in Government and the Liberals realize that this is a democracy, not a license to use our resources to exploit for the wealthy.

  • Kathy lee - 8 years ago

    If it weren't for logging roads many trails, park lands, recreational sites etc wouldn't even be accessible. Better to see second growth being harvested than old growth. Please keep in mind, forestry continues to feed a great number of families on the island and if every area on crown land is "saved" for trails and recreational use, many more families lose their livelihood than those who use trails.

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