"What is the dumbest thing about Harlequins?"


  • Roger O - 7 years ago

    I don't really get the hate - though I find it amusing when you rip on them and I can see where you're coming from. To me, they've always been the space version of wardancers.

    Apart from the troupes which are take them or leave them there isn't all that much 40k lore that is more cool than either Death Jesters or Solitaires. Throw in holo-fields and Harlequin's kisses... I'm sorry but the thought of these folks sprinting across the 40K landscape is super badass. They're a great addition to Eldar and a great counterpoint to the relatively plodding nature of orks or space marines.

  • Steve - 7 years ago

    Alright I think harlequins are cool. You can shit over them and me if you like, but after awhile you both start sounding like whinny little bitches. However you're getting a pass because you had to buy the dex to review it. Besides, its funny.

    I know you guys hate bols, but I'm gonna reference an article from 2 weeks ago. Most bols articles suck and are basically a blowjob for gw. This one is good. Its called Why Don't They Put They're Helmets on? And its an explaination of space marine culture.

    Harlequins to me are cool in the context of eldar. Eldar who spend their lives as harlequins basically are ninjas. Their god is the god of laughter. To every eldar the fall was a tragedy. To harlequins its also a big joke. Think of the comedian from the Watchmen. They have seen more of chaos and are more aware of how hopeless their race's survival chances are.

    You don't like the models? Fine, don't buy them. The idea itself is pretty cool.

    Nathan this is not about your tyranids. Unless they eat some harlequins, then you can cover them in clown masks.

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