Should Trident be scrapped to save money?

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  • Dan - 4 years ago

    Our Nuclear deterrent is just that, a deterrent, it provents open conflict, and provents Russia for doing what it dame well pleases. Being part of NATO and our relationship with American are vital to world security. America is reducing its defence spending and Russia and China are increasing theirs, Europe is week and divided and all are armed forces are hollowed out, Russia does not move because of conventional forces its only the unthinkable that keeps them at bay and forceing them to play games of denial and insurgency.
    Try these three things pic a Nation and find out since its inception how many years its spent at war ? second listen to The Edge podcast on BBC radio4s Analysis. How many Aircraft carriers is China building and where will the balance of power be in the next 25 to 50 years, and see if you still wish to put down our big stick and step naked in to world.

  • paul c - 5 years ago

    £150b for Trident is not real.
    The 4 ships cost circa £2b each and around £100m each to run. The UK runs a ballistic nuclear missile system to ensure that everyone knows when we launch, to avoid any confusion with our non ballistic systems. We can choose to do this cheaper, but decide to do it responsibily and safely. China has followed our lead with regards to its nuclear capability and as far as I am aware only one country in the world (Russia) is prepared to us its nuclear arsenal as a first strike capability, indeed threatening Europe with a tactical strike in 2014.

    War is horrible and dirty, but ultimately you have to prepare to do more than the other guys..

    I appreciate mine and your freedom to discuss this topic and others, but this is because we are able to defend ourselves from every adversary/ It really is that simple I am afraid.

    Trident for the UK iallows us to be the good guy on the world stage and in my opinion, that far outweighs the cost of something that would only ever be used in the most extreme circumstance where most of us would be dead anyway.

    The UK can do more good and be heard with Trident than without, please bare this in mind when discussng nuclear weapons, as they are not going away.

  • Milly - 5 years ago

    Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
    83% of Telegraph readers in this poll are pro-Trident. That's no surprise. But it's time for you to add your vote!

    Scroll down a little and vote here:…/General-Election-2015-How-each…

    After y'day's poll in the Daily Record which ended up with 85% of you saying Scrap Trident - time to get involved with this Daily Telegraph poll (it currently shows 83% IN FAVOUR OF TRIDENT!).

    Get stuck in:…/General-Election-2015-How-each…

  • Milly - 5 years ago

    Think this has much to do with it with the sudden surge - scroll down. Yes Campaign on Facebook - operates a very big group/forum on FB 70,000 plus members and it is linked to all they other Yes groups etc. It is a very fine example of how the SNP supporters manipulate figures and use and exploit their supports

  • Theo Baker - 5 years ago

    It's a shame that lots of people are still under the illusion that the UK is a great world power. That's long gone. Our nuclear deterent is totally unnecessary and is simply a means of carrying on that ridiculous notion. The £150 billion saving could be put to far more sensible use. Does any sensible person think that as soon as it's gone we're going to be invaded by hordes from across the Channel raping and pillaging as they go? C'mon, get with it everybody.

  • Chris - 5 years ago

    May I point out if Trident was to be scrapped then that would put thousands people out of a job. From the Naval personal who operat the subs to defending the Naval Base where they are based to the civilian contracts who run the base and work at the AWE.
    Thus how would this benefit our County. Not to mention that Britain would have to depend apon the Americas and the French if a nuclear war ever got started.
    Think of it this way just because we decommissioned our nuclear weapons would not remove us from Russias priority target list. As Britain is one of the senior members of NATO

  • Mark Harper - 5 years ago

    Just ditch trident! It's the difference between a hypothetical nuclear strike or guaranteed death by starvation, freezing in winter, suicide through despair or a failing health system! The difference is it's just the poor that a guaranteed to die.

  • matty - 5 years ago

    Jim I have done my own research and I think we should kept nuclear weapons and increase the military. That's my own opinion so up yours.

  • oz - 5 years ago

    Should be scrapped as it's an abhorrent insult to humanity unusable for all but the criminally suicidal and insane money saved would be a bonus

  • Jim Byrne - 5 years ago

    Do your own research, think for yourself, stop reading the comics (i.e. newspapers); in other words be more Scottish. The idea that the UK needs nuclear weapons in case we get attacked by Russia is beyond ridiculous.

  • Stevie Anderson - 5 years ago

    Actually I think it's a lot of Scottish people. Isn't democracy wonderful?

  • matty - 5 years ago

    There must be a lot of Russians or north Koreans in this poll as surely no british person wants to get rid of Britain's nuclear deterrence

  • marky - 5 years ago

    So R Dingwall because you don't like the result you slag off the voters. Ah democracy at work

  • R Dingwall - 5 years ago

    Unfortunately your poll has been hacked by CND anti nuclear hippies do you won't get a fair result.

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