Should ex-servicemen and women be automatically given jobs in the police force and Prison Service?

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  • andy - 5 years ago

    Bob G - Leave the playground comments at school and get back to class....

  • liam - 5 years ago

    Bob g wow didn't realise how stupid some people are until your comment.

  • Mark - 5 years ago

    I served 15 years in the Army, having fought I. Both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I am now a serving police officer, along with many ex military personal.

    I believe that the armed forces have good transferable skills for policing and other emergency services, however I would stop short at saying it is the right job for all and would not support an entitlement to a role in policing unless to the required standard.

  • Matt. - 5 years ago

    Am currently serving and I have seen what you call "brutal conflicts" I would say am a nice guy.. you will never be able to truly comment unless you've been there and done it yourself. Don't judge on what you have never done and only what you have seen on television.
    A lot more can be said but only current or ex service men/women would understand.
    Also say we should be no where near policing is a bit harsh to say as we are never later for work we are dedicated to the jobs we are tasked with we are social people we love and care for our families and we care about the people who live along side our flag so don't sit at home judging us we are a team.. yes I'll admit we do get angry easy, but we have more self control than most we learn to deal with stress and if we can't deal with it we have measures in place to seek help with our problems... don't be too quick to judge... from a British soldier served 5years at the lowest ranks..

  • Bob G - 5 years ago

    most X servicemenn have seen very brutal conflicts abroad ..they are angry men when they come home and should be nowhere near policing as it is already run by fascists

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