• Tamanique - 6 years ago

    GLA, the best by far! Definitely going to win this! Good luck! :)

  • Saeedah - 6 years ago

    Whoa Riebeek girls, your video slangs

  • Merle - 6 years ago

    GLA very creative and entertaining video. Well done!! You deserve to win

  • Merle - 6 years ago

    GLA very creative and entertaining video. Well done!! You deserve to win

  • Merle - 6 years ago

    GLA very creative and entertaining video. Well done!! You deserve to win

  • Mihlali - 6 years ago

    Riebeek College Deserves this!!!

  • kay - 6 years ago

    go KLOOF HIGH you guys are the best so far !!!!

  • Stacey - 6 years ago

    Riebeek your video is AMAZING!♡♡I just love the mix of the different songs...what wonderful voices you ladies have!

  • Khanya - 6 years ago

    I can not think of a more deserving school than Riebeek College , They were flawless and followed the whole criteria and did it acapella it was just soo beautiful and cute...Gooooooooooo Riebeek whoooop whooop :D

  • Yolanda - 6 years ago

    Thank you 5FM for giving us this amazing opportunity. This competition gave us the chance to work together as Riebeek ladies and show off our hidden talents. We put our heart and souls in this for our boys 1 Direction :) lets go Riebeek....we definitely can do this :)

  • Wami - 6 years ago

    Go Riebeek.

  • Nialene - 6 years ago

    I LOVED RIEBEEK!!! They were BETTER THAN WORDS!! Their voice were STRONG and they did it acapella, they had the MAGIC! They were absolutely SOMETHING GREAT, and I am 100% sure I will not CHANGE MY MIND. Their video was ALIVE, had spirit and was full of life. This concert is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity, and they had that ONE THING!! I think NOBODY COMPARES to them. It was THAT Amazing, Well Done, Incredible, Wonderful, Remarkable, Lovely and Delightful!!!! So you GO Riebeek Girls!!! Holding thumbs for you!!

  • JT - 6 years ago

    These kiddies from GLA rock they should win

  • nadine - 6 years ago

    I want to go to GLA, seems like such an awesome school!!!!!!!! GLA by far should win

  • Mikayla - 6 years ago

    Go Alberton!

  • Mikaylyn - 6 years ago

    \(•ˆ⌣ˆ•)/♫(|1D|) ♫ R.I.E.B.E.E.K C.O.L.L.E.G.E ♫(|1D|) ♫\(•ˆ⌣ˆ•)/ #5fm #LiveLoud #1D #LoveTheVideo. Oh Snap!! the Riebeek ladies were great LOVED the vidoe. Awesome sauce. Really enjoyed your last song by 1D "steal my girl" made me wanna dance along.♡ Loved the acapella idea, lovey voices and lovey ladies. Holding thumbs ((y)ˆ ⌣ˆ)(y)

  • Ntobeko - 6 years ago

    Go Riebeek

  • Janine - 6 years ago

    Go Alberton!!

  • Kelly Ann - 6 years ago

    GLA :)

  • Kelly Ann - 6 years ago

    Such a small school yet such big hearts. You guys deserve this really!!..

  • Nathan Bricksen - 6 years ago

    Between Kloof and GLA. Vote for Global leadership

  • Bronwyn - 6 years ago

    GLA was brilliant and so clever !!!

  • Jason smith - 6 years ago

    Although Global Leadership Academy is a small school they still did the best ! U guys are amazing. Go GLA :)

  • Taylor's blog - 6 years ago

    Woooooww GLA by far

  • John Scout - 6 years ago

    The best is GLA lets go !!!

  • Megan - 6 years ago

    GLA till the end !!!!

  • Kristy - 6 years ago

    My fav will Defs be GLA global leadership academy ! One of the best schools I've ever seen and the fact that most of the teachers also took part is a great bonus. It's such a great atmosphere. Vote for GLA because they deserve to win the tickets :d

  • Oscar - 6 years ago

    Alberton High! You rock! This school makes me so proud! AHS FOR THE WIN!

  • Sonika - 6 years ago


  • Marianne Mare - 6 years ago

    Hoerskool Generaal Hertzog ROCKS!!!! This video deserves to win!!!

  • Nadia - 6 years ago

    GO GLA!!! GLA's video is so amazing!!! Seriously skteboarding in a school, who can beat that!!!!

  • Clayron Howard - 6 years ago

    Alberton is dynamite... Dynamite.... Dynamite... Alberton is Dynamite! Boom Boom! DYNAMITE...

    Go Alberton High aka The Blues... You guys rock :) GOOD LUCK

  • Stephanie - 6 years ago

    Well done Alberton High !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you make as proud

  • ROTHEA BERNARDO - 6 years ago

    For such a small school of only 220 +, these learners and teachers have the most passion, love, respect and integrity I have ever had the pleasure to experience! The school in the mall as they are now known as, are trying to build a new school on donations, hard work and lots of Prayers!! I LOVE YOU GLA JBAY !!! You guys deserve it the most for SURE !!

  • Michelle - 6 years ago

    Love Riebeek!!! Go RIEBEEK!! :D

  • Proud Mary - 6 years ago

    Kloof is by far the best!

  • zandile - 6 years ago

    GLA is the best !!!! !!!!! Go GLA

  • Sonia - 6 years ago

    Can't think of a school more deserving to win this prize, currently going to school in a shopping center, waiting for their school to be build, based on donations, Go GLA I hope you win

  • Anna-Marie - 6 years ago

    For such a small school, GLA pulled off a brilliant act!! Well done!!!

  • Andre - 6 years ago

    Not one is as good and original as GLA....GO GLA!!!

  • emi - 6 years ago


  • Angie - 6 years ago

    GO RIEBEEK ! ! ! :D

  • Viveka Reddy - 6 years ago

    Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog!!!! GREAT VIDEO...LOVE IT
    Well done.....

  • Stephen Masson-Abraham - 6 years ago

    KLOOF High is the best by a big margain! Looks like a lot of effort was put in and well done to kloof!

  • Natalie - 6 years ago

    Kloof is by far the best, pulled off a flash mob ,got their dance team that has gone to sa champs involved wow so impressive

  • Moira Outram - 6 years ago

    Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog!!!! One way or another..we gonna WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN!!!!!!

  • rudi - 6 years ago

    Global Leadership academy has the best video - by a mile.
    check it out.

  • Tatum - 6 years ago


  • Tatum - 6 years ago


  • Natasha - 6 years ago

    Sending good luck from the USA!!!!

  • Gavin - 6 years ago

    Go Kloof you beauties

  • zamuxolo - 6 years ago

    good luck

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