Should the 40p tax threshold be increased to help middle-earners?

Posted 4 years.


  • dano - 4 years ago

    In my opinion I trust none of them they say stuff to make an impact for votes then change everything. Ukip has the right idea kick all foreigner's out of Britain look after the british, look at Norway they did it and crime rates went down ect ect. We need our jobs back our homes back and our rights to be British. And for the rich people who divert from paying as much as lower and middle class citizens should pay regardless of how deep your pockets are. Lower and middle class citizens should get more entitlements and be able to enjoy there life without the worry of can we afford it. In my eyes lower and middle class citizens keep this country going! Why you say? well we pay more than those who have deep poworks. And those who come to work here like polish ect should not be allowed to send money earned here to there family's in there own country reason I say this is that money going out this country doesn't come back. And imagrants that come to Britain to avoid deportation settle down and have kids just to stay in Britain because they get granted citizenship. Maybe I'm the only person who thinks this but I'm not being rascist but pointing this country's problem among many. Only a month ago I stated this and was told by a polish woman that her parents work long hrs because us Brits are too lazy and don't want to work but this is not the case far by the reason.

  • Laurence - 4 years ago

    Does this poll not tell us more about the income of your average Telegraph reader than anything else?

  • Paul - 4 years ago

    I'd love to see the result of the same question posed in the Guardian...

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